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My question was only what do I do if I'm Incredibly talented guitarist who wants To start a business where I've been Teaching people music and I've been Trying for two years and it's just not Working I think you'd probably be Smarter for that person to go find Someone who loves that game and then the Only skill you'd have to have is how do I have the perspective in which to make A judgment that this person actually is Good and then do I have enough skill in Negotiation so I can make a favorable Deal for myself and so if you can do Those two things you can be Justin Bieber who's not a business guy but it's Still extraordinarily wealthy Eminem is Not a business guy he's still Extraordinary wealthy there's still ways To play it without necessarily having Business be the game which I find kind Of interesting too because I'm not Kylie Jenner Kylie's younger than me and Wealthy than me when I found out she was A billionaire and she was younger than Me I literally like had a day where I Was like I felt horrible though I saw

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