How to see the Modules in a Course in ClickFunnels 2.0

Foreign [Music] We're going to show how to see the Modules located inside of a course To do this go to site and funnels on the Left hand side of your dashboard Then go down to courses and click on Courses Then find the course that has the Modules in it So in this scenario it's going to be This course right here And I'm going to click on the name of The course And then on the courses dashboard you Will be able to see the modules listed Down here now you'll also notice too That it says six modules So that means that there are modules Located inside of these two modules And we can find those by simply clicking On the module's name And then we'll see the modules inside of The modules and we can keep clicking on Module names to see what's inside of Them Click right there and we can see inside Of module V1 is module V2 And then if we click on module B2 we can See that module B3 is in it so you can See we've got one two three Four five six so six modules total Inside of this course right here

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