How to Send Email Edited in a Workflow in ClickFunnels 2.0

Foreign [Music] We will discuss how to set up an email Step in a workflow in your clickfunnels Account in Click funnels navigate to the Marketing Tools in your click funnels Account And then go to the workflows In the workflows select the workflow to Which you would like to add a send email Step This workflow should have already one Setup trigger Or any other steps in the workflow Choose the step that you would like the Email to follow And move your mouse To select the plus button that appears When you move your mouse over the circle Following that step Click on it once in order to open your Options As you will see on the right hand side Of the screen there will be options for What kind of Step this will be in your Workflow under the send heading you will See the option for send email click it Once to select it Now you will have the option to set up The settings for your email You can set a name A template which will allow you to Design the email If you wish to do further design you can

Select the check box to design email Beneath You can select an example subject and a Pre-headline You will also need a sending address This is required to send any emails from Your clickfunnels account and should be Done before you start to create this Email step If you have multiple options for sending Addresses you can select them by Clicking the drop down menu When you're satisfied with your settings Click create step to complete Congratulations you have now created an Email step in your funnel workflow When the preceding events in the Workflow occur such as the trigger or Any other steps that come before the Email Are complete the email will send Automatically when the workflow is Active

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