How to Set the Fit for a Blog Post Image Element in ClickFunnels 2.0

Foreign [Music] We will discuss how to adjust the fit Settings for the blog post image element In Click funnels find the page with Settings you would like to adjust and Enter the editor In the editor move your mouse over the Element that was which you would like to Adjust Neither click on it or select the Settings gear tab Size and position settings And under that the fit option it's Currently set to fill Will not preserve the image aspect ratio Using fill the image will be squashed to Fit the available size of the frame Under contain The image aspect ratio will be preserved But the image is required to fit the Available space If the image is larger than the area for The image it will be reduced in size For cover the image aspect ratio will be Preserved but the image is not required To fill the available space if the Dimensions of the image are larger than The dimensions of the image window it May appear to be cropped Finally scale down will scale image down To fit the available space And may leave blank space in areas where The dimensions of the image element and

The dimensions of the image do not match In Click funnels you can select the Positioning of a scaled down image using The grid below As always when you're satisfied with Your changes click outside of the pop-up Window to close it and when you're happy With the changes you've made to your Click funnels page don't forget to hit Save in the top right hidden corner of The editor in order to save your work

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