How to Set the Icon Margin Space for a Sub Headline Element in ClickFunnels 2.0

Foreign [Music] We will discuss how to adjust the icon Spacing On a sub headline element Move your mouse over the element that You wish to edit in the editor and click The settings button Then scroll down Until you see the icon fields for the Icons that you have set up either before Or after or both You can select the margin left slider To move the entire text to the right As this is changing the margin on the Left hand side of the icon you can move The margin right Slider to increase the space between the Left icon which comes before And the rest of the text in the element It is reversed for the icon after Sliders or the margin left increases the Distance between the end of the text and The icon and the margin right Slides the entire text to the left When you're satisfied with your settings Click outside of the pop-up tool to Close the pop-up window And when you're satisfied with the Changes that you've made to your click Funnels page click save to save your Changes

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