How to stop your upper body from hurting after training

You start training for like 10 plus Years just starts hurting because Of who you are this has been the best Fix I found and I've paid every Specialist in the planet so You wrap up you don't want to flex your Bicep at all and what we're going to do Is we're going to hang and then breathe And you'll breathe through your nose [Music] It stretches the living out of your Rib cage because like what happens is When you train heavy like barbell Deadlift whatever if you look straight Down through a spine your rib cage Compresses this way so you become less Round which is better for training Because you're stronger but it's worse For everything else your breathing comes Less efficient and then your movement Patterns get up so this Counteracts that it literally stretches Your rib cage back out so you breathe in So you're stressed and then you feel the Spacer stretches the cartilage the other Way

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