How to turn ugly funnels to beautiful funnels using Clickfunnels…

So i destroyed a funnel on purpose to Make it uglier look at this dude and in This video i’m going to share with you The lessons that i learned as well as The design principles the design Hierarchy we take a look at one of the Funnel templates in fulton funnel Designer and then this one which is the Exact same funnel landing page but i Destroyed it and i literally reversed Every single design principle that i Teach and you can see how ugly this is i Mean everything from spacing to the text To color contrast everything it’s just This is unusable and it hurts my eyes And i need eye surgery right now by the Way this is uh if you’re unfolding fun Of the center we just uploaded this the Design hierarchy chichi the secret Principle of visual design the guy’s Attention persists with visitors and Drives higher conversions i want to give You first A simple example here and then i’ll show You more in-depth like before and after On the landing page so let’s say this is A hero section the banner or this is a You know benefits or Features section whatever it is like a Lot of people they put the headline in The middle text is aligned to the left The button is aligned to the left to Align here but It’s just it’s all over the place so how

Do you know how to fix this well we’ll Do it together so First thing is that you want the Headline to be around you know double The size of Your sub headline so we’ll take this Down to 22 maybe 20 And then we’re going to Also adjust this to the same 22 And we’re going to also number two Give some Color contrast to this so boom there we Go we want that spacing we don’t want This some people go with this Okay so we don’t want this So you want to have that spacing 20 to 30 pixels spacing and then logo is not That important add it there align it to The left and boom now you can make this Smaller Or bigger doesn’t really matter because Now you have the principles the Rules of funnel design is what i should Call it So anyways the next thing is like the Background for example like you want to Have what’s it called you want to have That Contrast to it so like what’s a text That’s hard to consume Well this is for sure but let’s say that We have something more like This is also like super bad look at how

This It just hurts your eyes i can’t even Look at it uh but then if you make it Darker again Right now We have the contrast back there So like Right now for example if you have the Background orange And you’d change this Make sure that you have something that Is Again like enough contrast from the Background so anyways going back here You can then see Like is everything is all over the place For example how easy is this text to Read yet so many people Is what they do when they design this Two line is the same size as this like It doesn’t make sense you know this size Here is 20 pixels yet this one is 32. What are the five examples number one is Spacing and padding So if we go into this one you can see we Have a lot of white space so we give the Design space to breed we have spacing Here spacing here Spacing here here below this like We don’t Clutter it we give it like it’s easy to Consume because everything is like easy To read like there’s not Too much text per section we have a lot

Of enough contrast when it comes to Headline so like darker on white Background and then we have like light Text on dark background and vice versa So that’s the first thing second color Contrast already talked about that but Another example could be Where’s the one that we messed up like Here for example This is just i don’t know it hurts It hurts when people do this for here For example and again i did this to i Destroyed the page on purpose to show You but it’s better to not have any you Know background here if you’re trying to Make a clean funnel so like here for Example Just don’t have a background or if you Do Like add a background to it but then add Spacing in between the two and make sure The text is hard like easy to read make Sure that the corners are like Pixel radius same like us in this one Another thing is like the shadow you can See here we have 70 dark from a black Shadow 70 this is like 10 20 So like which one is easier to consume Same thing here this again hurts my eyes I can’t even look at it but i did put This together for a reason we’ll get to That in a second font size has already Talked about that you want to highlight

You want to guide the attention so like Where do you want them to focus well Probably in a setting like this like Where you have module one module two Like make them read the title first so So they see like here’s everything You’re gonna get access to or like You’re gonna learn these are the things Right then this is not as important Module one module two module three like Lessons comes after this and so you know One mistake that people do Is they have everything the same size And it just messes everything up instead What you wanna have is you wanna have The main headline Be the biggest then they can read this Then they can read this and then they Read this Right And same thing for all of these sections Then we have highlighting the keywords So if you use like two color headlines Specific outcome you can see i’ve Highlighted that so like if i was a Fitness coach i would be like work with Me and lose up to 10 pounds in four Weeks so like that’s the specific Outcome and i would highlight The pounds in time frame Right for an example And then we have main object so you can See here super small and and this is Very common where people

Just don’t have they have like a tiny Image there or even up here the video For example tiny video but then the logo Is super big or the text is super big Like No you want to again guide the attention So like they see this they read this And it all clicks like it makes sense so Get this specific outcome become a Full-time funnel designer you know that Is the fifth one of this free you know i Like creating these videos put them on Youtube for free and for people who want To learn more who want to grow a Successful six-figure plus funnel agency We have obviously the secrets Secret sauce the entire blueprint inside Of full-time funnel designer but Hopefully this helps if you want to join The challenge what i’ll do is i’ll give You the ugly one so This one i’ll give you the share funnel Link which means you just you know Download it one click install it into Your click funnels account and you can Play around with this so whether you’re In the program or not doesn’t really Matter you can still get it and start Changing everything back to normal like Maybe pick a couple new colors so don’t Use the colors that i’m using but let’s Say you pick Blue and white and light blue so Change everything

Make it look beautiful again and then Message me on facebook or post in our Free facebook group which is also link Is down below in the description and so I can give you feedback and now i’m Losing my voice some out of here but Hopefully this was helpful and hopefully This helps you build more cleaner Funnels in the future for yourself or For your clients much love i’ll see in The next one

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