How To Update Your Avatar

Foreign [Music] We will discuss how to change the Avatar Of your clickfunnels account First click the Avatar at the top right Corner of your screen Second click user settings Then click under update Your profile On the new page click the sign in Link At the top right corner of the page In this example I was automatically signed in to because I already have an Account with them So what you want to do is sign in using Your click models email address Or if you don't have an account yet Create an account using your Clickfunnels email address From here click the add new image link Under pick new image On the next page select upload new From URL or past uploads according to Your preferences To select the image you want to use for Your avatar On the next page you can go ahead and Crop the image according to your Preferences and when you're finished Click the crop image button Use the rating of your gravatar And then click set rating When you're finished click your image

And then you will see this pop-up where You want to select confirm Which is going to automatically insert Your Image as your avatar on your account and on your Clickfunnels account That's it You've reached the end of the video if You have any questions regarding this Process please feel free to reach out to Our awesome customer support team have a Great day ahead

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