So there are a ton of videos out there About how to design websites with AI Tools like mid-journey and while this Stuff is really cool the real question Is is it actually practical can you Actually use these tools on a real Client project and so in this video I'm Actually going to take you start to Finish from generating ideas with Mid-journey to actually designing a logo And a website so let's dive into it Alright so here we have our client Website this is Blue Sky Villas this is A vacation rental place in Florida and As you can tell their website is very Outdated and so they need a quick Refresh but rather than me going to the Drawing board and designing out a ton of Different variations to try to figure Out what they're looking for I'm going To dive straight into mid-journey and See what we can come up with now mid Journey works inside of Discord so I Would recommend going and joining our Free Discord server specifically for Designers this will be a great place for You to get started because you can look At other people's prompts to get ideas To make your own prompts to get the Outputs and designs that you're looking For so diving right into my journey I'm Going to start with just a basic prompt To see what we can come up with so I'm Going to type in backslash imagine to

Initiate my prompt and then I'm going to Type modern landing page for a vacation Rental company in Florida white space Yellow orange version five and once I Submit this it's going to come back with The first designs now the way that mid Journey works is it comes back with four Different variations for you to use and You can either upscale these or come up With additional variations of a specific Design now looking at these first Options this is a little bit too yellow And too dark for me so what I'm going to Do is I'm going to copy and paste the Exact prompt that I just put in and I'm Going to make some slight adjustments to That so I'm going to paste it in here So I'm going to change this I'm going to Get rid of the orange and I'm also going To add simplistic I'm hoping that this Will make things a little bit brighter a Little bit more professional cleaner and I'm also going to update this to home Rental company instead of vacation Rental company because I think that's More of the vibe that we want to go with Now we're going to wait for this thing To load up and I can already tell that These designs are more of the style that I'm looking for more white space more Modern a cleaner more boxy outline and I Love these right off the bat right this Is giving me some really good stuff to Go off of and looking at this right away

I can tell that I like this third option Which is in the bottom left So what I'm going to do is I'm going to Come down here and click V3 which means Variations three so it's going to take That third option and give me a couple Variations I'm also going to click V1 Just to see what it comes up with And again mid journey is often running Coming up with my different variations Of this design so we'll wait for this to Load up and once it's finished I can Open this up and you can see that it's Taking that same design and given us Four variations of just that one and With that I think we're in a great place To pick some of these because this is Going to give us our structure and our Layout for the hero section of the home Page and you can see already that this Is way better looking than what the Client is currently working with looking At this other option I think this is Good but this shows more of the Interior Where for a vacation rental place I Think you want to use more of an Exterior image that way you can show the Palm trees the blue skies so looking at These I think with the first one I'm Going to click U1 which is going to Upskill that first option just to give Me a higher resolution option you can See here it's working again showing that It's upscaling image number one and once

That's loaded up I can go ahead and open That up and see the final product cool So this is looking really good I'm going To go ahead and save this image and at This point I'm going to go ahead and Move this over to figma this is a great Time for me to start pulling the Different elements and the layout of This page and actually designing this Out so it can be used in real life Because up to this point I'm unaware of Any way where you can pull the different Elements from mid Journey so let's pull It over into figma and get started Designing now I've gone ahead and sped Up this process to save us some time but You can see that I'm duplicating almost Everything on this from the header to The different Yellow Boxes to the Structure and layout and position of all Of the text blocks and then the only Thing that we're really having to change Is rather than a generic call to action We're going to go ahead and input these Form Fields so people can input their Arrival and departure dates and also the Different specs so they can find the Rental that they're looking for now for The time being I'm going to add a black Box where I want my image to go and then We're going to be able to dive in and Actually search for the image that we Want to use because right now I'm not Going to pull directly from the mid

Journey image of the house while there Are probably ways for you to upskill That even more and get a high enough res Image to pull over I'm going to go ahead And look for an image in Adobe stock Just to make sure that I can find Something that looks really clean I'm Going to pull this image over before I Purchase it I'm just going to pull it Into my thing file and make sure that it Looks good obviously it's got the Watermark but once I'm sure that this is The image that I like I'm going to go Ahead and license that image so I get The highest version and I don't get in Trouble for copyright infringement and I'm going to place that into my design Now the next thing that I want to do is Come back to Mid journey and find a logo Because their current logo is just not Good so I'm going to type in my prompt Simplistic icon logo of house sun and Palm tree white version five liking These basic icons that it's generating Back to me there are a couple of these That catch my attention right away of Course these are not finalized so the Ones that I do like I'm going to go Ahead and click variations for the Second and the fourth and let mid Journey go back to work giving me a few Additional options based on what I like And I'm really liking these icon images That it's pulling up they're really

Simplistic it's got the house the palm Tree and the circle it's very similar to What they currently have on their site But it's definitely going to give it a Fresher look now certainly you're not Going to want to dive into this every Time especially if you're just offering Web design but if you don't want to go Through a full branding process this Might be a great way to scrounge up some Ideas give the client a new Fresh look Until they're willing to pay for a full Branding session now like all the other Images you're not going to be able to Pull a final logo out of this so once You get your final images selected and You upscale them what you're going to Want to do is select the one that you Like the most go ahead and save that now I'm going to pull that over into Illustrator and I'm going to speed Things up here to show you how I Recreated this logo in illustrator so It's a high resolution PNG so I could Pull this over to my website now for This reason I selected a really Simplistic logo you certainly can Generate more advanced and more complex Looking logos with shading and 3D Graphics but for this instance I just Used a flat design pulled it over into My figma file and I think it looks Really good certainly a lot better than What they had before so finally

Comparing these two websites one to Another the client's old site and the New one that I was able to design in Less than an hour you can see there is a Massive update a massive improvement From what they had before and so this is The power of mid Journey incorporating This into your project not to design a Final website but to save you a ton of Time in the brainstorming and designing Process the fact that I only entered a Couple prompts and I was able to come up With this website should really get you Excited because you could put in several Prompts get different ideas of different Color schemes layouts imagery and pull All of these things together to come up With a really incredible website now if You want to know more about how these Prompts work inside mid-journey and you Want to learn more about how the Discord Works go ahead and click this video Right here this is going to show you Everything that you need to know and I'm Excited for you to dive in and start Using these new technologies new AI Tools because it's going to completely Change the game and in the future it's Going to completely change your career So thanks for watching if you haven't Yet please be sure to hit the like Button and we'll catch you in the next Video

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