How to Write a Bestselling Book: Day 6 Progress Report

On Day 6, their journey towards crafting a bestselling book continues with steady progress. They dive deeper into the realm of storytelling, honing their skills to captivate readers. Join them as they navigate the twists and turns of the writing process, inching closer to their literary aspirations.

How to Write a Bestselling Book: Day 6 Progress Report


In the vast world of literature, creating a bestselling book is every writer’s dream. It requires dedication, perseverance, and a well-thought-out process. Russell Brunson, a renowned author, takes us through his journey of outlining a bestselling book using WorkFlowy. Let’s dive into Day 6 of his progress report and explore the intricacies of the outlining process.

Creating a Roadmap: Table of Contents

Russell kicks off his journey by crafting a detailed table of contents for his book. The table of contents serves as a roadmap, guiding both the writer and the reader through the narrative. It includes essential components such as the preface and chapter titles, laying the foundation for what’s to come.

Breaking Down Chapters: Core Beats and Secrets

Each chapter in Russell’s book is meticulously broken down into core beats and secrets. This breakdown allows for a more structured approach to storytelling, ensuring that every detail serves a purpose in advancing the narrative. By focusing on core beats and secrets, Russell keeps his writing engaging and impactful.

Refining and Updating: The Continuous Process

Writing is a dynamic process that requires constant refinement and updates. Russell emphasizes the importance of continuously updating the outline to reflect any new ideas or insights that may arise during the writing process. This adaptability ensures that the book remains relevant and compelling to readers.

Goal: A Complete Book Outline

The ultimate goal of Russell’s outlining process is to have a complete book outline ready for further development. A comprehensive outline serves as a foundation for the entire book, providing clarity and direction to the writing process. Russell’s dedication to crafting a robust outline sets the stage for a successful book.

Key Focus: Day 6 – Table of Contents and Final Outline

On Day 6 of his progress report, Russell shifts his focus to creating the table of contents and finalizing the outline in WorkFlowy. This crucial step marks a significant milestone in the outlining process, as it sets the stage for the actual writing phase. Russell’s meticulous attention to detail ensures that his book’s structure is well-defined and coherent.

The Revision Process

It’s important to note that the outline may undergo multiple revisions before the final version is completed. Russell understands the significance of refining and reshaping the outline to better align with his vision for the book. Each revision brings him closer to the masterpiece he envisions creating.


In conclusion, Russell Brunson’s progress report on Day 6 of outlining a bestselling book offers valuable insights into the meticulous process of crafting a compelling narrative. By focusing on key elements such as the table of contents, core beats, and continuous refinement, Russell sets a solid foundation for success in writing. His dedication to the outlining process exemplifies the importance of structure and clarity in creating a bestseller.


  1. How important is the table of contents in outlining a bestselling book?
  2. What role do core beats and secrets play in chapter breakdowns?
  3. Why is it crucial to continually update the outline during the writing process?
  4. How does Russell Brunson approach revising the book outline?
  5. What milestones did Russell achieve on Day 6 of his progress report?
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