I am ruthless with who I let in my life

I am pretty ruthless when it comes to The people that I have in my life I tend To have a relatively contrarian view on Relationships which is that I do believe That all relationships are transactional If you never got anything positive at Some point most humans will cease to Continue the relationship and so if we Think about human behavior in terms of Reinforcers and punishers because those Are the only two things that sticks and Carrots right the people that we've had A longer period of time with we are Willing to wait a longer period of time Before we are reinforced to continue to Spend time with them so we will wait Longer periods of time before we get Another carrot which then kicks it out Again right for the next carrot to come When I look at the relationships that I Have I try to cut off the back side I Don't want to keep a relationship Because I have always had it but only Insofar as it will continue to add value And more so that it is aligned with Where I want to go

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