I Built 7 Simple Income Streams in a Super WEIRD Niche

All right so right now I have about Seven income streams active and passive Recently about is because some of them Are not making that much some of them Were making more so let's break down Kind of the income streams and some Universal Frameworks you can use if You're starting or scaling a business in 2023 and Beyond so recently I was Talking to a friend of mine who has Recently start a new business and he Wanted to advise on how to bulletproof His business to make sure that he's not Risking savings you know kind of like if You've saved up money you're starting Something new is is this scary Uncertainty of like am I using all the Savings the Family Savings and what Happens if I have to spend money to Acquire customers and I run out of cash Flow then did I just waste three months And three thousand and didn't make Anything back so let's talk about my Seven income streams and kind of go Through them break them down so you can Pick one that works for you and one that You want to scale up now before you do That there's a few things that I always Look at that I think is helpful for you So no money to start so what I mean by That is you can start it by just maybe Buying a domain for 10 bucks or it's Like below a thousand right you don't Have spend money like e-commerce it's

The reason why I don't recommend E-commerce for beginners because you Have to find products test winning Products you might be spending thousands Of dollars maybe you're on a credit card Or something to hopefully one day make Money and yes the return can be huge but It's not something I recommend for Someone who's just starting out versus Freelancing or agency or funnel building Website video editing that sort of thing Where you can sell something one-on-one To people you can find them on Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Instagram you can sell Them in fact that's how I've sold made Multiple six figures per year people Sold me I paid thousands per month to People who have sold me through social Media and they didn't have to spend Money on ads and so that's why I kind of Like that model but the second part is Huge demand so you know you look at a Marketplace you say not just you know Kind of like what Wayne Gretzky said He's not you know he's not going where The puck is going he's going in front of The park so that he's going to be there At the same time right I think I Butchered that quote or something like I'm not going to wear this I'm going Where to go going but you got the point Just making sure that you go into an Industry that is in high demand so you Look at Ai and things of that nature and

You say am I selling something that can Easily be just you know logo design it Could be like that boom I have a logo Right or am I working with someone as a Growth partner where let's say I'm a Funnel Builder I work with someone who Has a business they have a course or Something and I go in and I'm like hey I'm going to build the funnel with split The profits or whatever it is right Third one is high profit margins so I Don't want to sell something that I can You know make 10 percent or five percent Depending on the day right I want to be Able to sell something for at least a Thousand bucks so that's kind of the Minimum and then say I'm keeping you Know 50 with a team or 90 without a team Because I have a few softwares to pay For I can work from anywhere in my Office here which is just a small Apartment and I'm like I can run an Entire like multi-million dollar Business from here it's not there yet But we did reach a million so we can you Know just double this I can do this 10 Times bigger from small office because Huge profit margins services and Products right so number four easy to Reach new people so I want to be able to Reach people with messages or content so Not just relying on Tick Tock to maybe Go viral then settle a course right or Maybe go viral and then try to book

Calls I want to be able to use something Like Instagram or Facebook where I can Message people or I can add people as Friends so I like platforms like Facebook where there's Facebook groups And there's customers groups of people That I don't have to go and just blindly Add new friends I can just go specific To an industry okay now you're business Owners hey you need videos you need Funnels you need websites you need this And I can just find clients from there So that's important number five can sell To them via an order form or one-on-one So like 90 of my clients are sold just In DMS we're like in messenger or Instagram DMS even sometimes in email They reach out to me like in email I'll Send an invoice no call and reason I've Been doing more calls because I love to Talk to people and see kind of how I can Help them I just don't like a a full Calendar all the time I like to be Creative and work on the projects as Well with my team so number six location Independence is a huge one I told my Friend as well who's like he's getting Into this I'm like you have two Different options here one is where you Work with people and you have in-person Meetings and you're working people you Go out to them is you know locally and It's location dependent right versus Someone who can work with people from

Anywhere you just grab your laptop you Work from Spain from Portugal Cyprus Bali or whatever it is I'm not saying You have to be a laptop lifestyle Entrepreneur you just work from anywhere Because you know how you can help people So those are some of the big ones no Money to start huge demand High profit Margins easy to reach people can sell Via order form or one-on-one to people And then local Independence that's Number six so my offers let's just go Through those as well so you can see my Income streams first one is funnel Agency where I do this for them so in Your industry you might be asking Yourself what can I do for them well Something that is taking up a lot of Time for them I can do for them and just To you know charge more because it's me Taking that off their plate time-wise And also helping them preferably Increase the money that they're making Or at least saving them a ton of time And because of that time that they're Saving they can then go on and make more Money or have more happiness you know so There's three areas of impact wealth Health and relationships which one are You impacting the most some people also Say the fourth one is happiness but I Tend to say those three increases to Happiness so that's funnel agency first One second one is templates so people

Can't afford my funnels my funnel builds They're usually around 5000 and up so Not everyone can afford that some people Prefer to just buy a template bundle and So I charge 37 dollars for that one and Then the course is where you know people Want to be a certified funnel Builder And they just want to learn from me how To get clients how to build this as a Business and so I teach everything that I've done a built over 500 funnels over 100 clients and so I teach how to get Clients and and how to close them the Scripts for what to say when to say how To not lose the sale how to close how to Onboard and like have project templates For each of those so you can see like Once you get into an industry there's Multiple ways to serve that industry one Is more hey here's the templates the Digital so the product you can download Do it yourself and one is like hey don't Worry about it you have to watch any Courses I'll just do everything for you And then the fourth one is coaching this Up so this is where we coach on the Course and we say Hey you know 24 7 Access to us me and Peter you can ask Any questions you want and we'll just Work with you rather than saying hey go Through the course and figure out Yourself so some people like me I prefer To yeah sometimes I buy a course but Then I don't have time to always go

Through it because I have the business To run so I would rather just pay Someone for coaching for the time to Access them and be able to ask questions And get quicker to the end goal number Five is business Consulting where Someone has a business they just want me To come in and say which funnel to use How to structure it then sometimes like I had a few people who bought my high Ticket offers that comes with coaching And a funnel build and that's where I'm Like hey here's what we're gonna do and You're going to get the coaching but Also the funnel build as I've done for You and take the business typically These are already doing like 30 000 and Above they want to get above that so we Rebrand make them look professional and Everything increase trust and help them Become the go-to in an industry and Increase their positioning in an Industry and it's more of a bundle of Things with the one-on-one you know Quality event and I usually don't sell My time that way and so that's why it's More expensive number six is affiliate So when you have an audience people want To know what software to use and so I Usually just tell here's the the Softwares I create tutorials and people Start using them and because this is my Link I get a commission from that and Then last one YouTube AdSense so when

You create content attend more and more Social media platforms are now starting To reward their creators so we see this With Facebook Tick Tock YouTube even Twitter getting into this now as well so So the funnel agency is still the main Income even though it's been lower now Because of all these different income Streams and I'm also trying to help Thousands of other people do this so I Have less mental focus you'll notice When you do too many different things It's hard to grow one of them rather Than just like growing the funnel agency To 100K per month 200k per month right So like without a course or coaching or Anything or even YouTube videos trust me They take more time than you probably Imagine but the funnel agency Max has Been 50k per month usually it's about 15 To 20K per month in the funnel agency Templates are probably just a few Hundred per month up to a thousand two Thousand I don't really look at all the Sales but it's about we get a few per Month a few per week sorry sometimes a Few per day and so it's between like 500 To 2 000 from the templates and then the Course is due in between 10 to 15K per Month as well the coaching has been Lower some months like 5 000 and then This month for example has been 15K 16k And so The Consulting is more on the occasion

Where I'm like okay this business you Know not necessarily wants just a funnel But they gotta understand it as well Because they have a team I'm not to be Honest selling much business Consulting In the sense where I would go somewhere Somewhere because of the location Independence I want to be able to just Do Zoom calls and and like I said I Don't sell my time so that's why it's Easy for me to sell a course with weekly Q a calls I can answer questions or I Can sell a complete funnel build we jump On a call or you fill out the onboarding Form we do it for you and so the Affiliate stuff is about I think it's Three four five thousand per month is Growing as well and the AdSense man the AdSense used to be at 2 000 per month And then I saw this message from from YouTube they said hey looks like there's Some suspicious activity on your account And so the AdSense went down to 50 bucks Like 50 bucks so that's fun but good Thing is that I'm not reliant on on the YouTube AdSense and hopefully we'll get This order soon and then we're back up To thousands in AdSense as well so I Think the main moral of the story is When you start a business and you learn The principles of how to create Something get it to Market and sell you Can do it no matter what the offer is Right so if if it's coaching you know

What to say how to you know book calls And close them if it's agency or done For your services you know the pain Points and then you just build a Portfolio that show how you can solve Those and then you can close people One-on-one and when I say close that Kind of sounds negative because you're Like convincing them to buy when you Build your personal brand at the same Time you can sell all of these different Things and build a community and people Want to buy from you and you don't have To convince anyone it's more so what can I actually take on right now so I have a Waiting list for my funnel agency the Course is open the coaching is more Limited in application only we'll put Links to everything if you want to just Funnel hack me or check out the links And do this for yourself or if you want To work with me you can check that down Below as well hopefully this was helpful As in the next one

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