I built a 100k month business with no employees at 26

I built a hundred thousand dollar per Month profit business with no employees For less than a thousand dollars when I Was twenty six anyone could start the Exact same business with little to no Money at all and no employees I got Asked to speak at this marketing event So they wanted me to speak about how I Was using Facebook ads to get leads for Brick and mortar in 2016. I would run Ads for six weeks weight loss challenge And I offered a satisfaction guarantee That even if they didn't lose the weight If they wanted their money back at any Point in the six weeks I'd give it back To that I actually made more money Launching than running the gym I said I'll fly out to your gym I'll spend my Own money I'll Market your gym for you I'll work the lead I'll schedule them And I'll sell them and I'll even do Nutrition orientations which by the way Is where I would sell another 100 150 Bucks a head in supplements that would Also cover my costume for our customers On its own and all they had to do was Just fulfill the six weeks of service They got to keep whoever they converted Into a membership

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