I get asked all the time if I’m going to sell or what my next move is… :)

Every year I'm like is Russell are you Gonna sell you ever see yourself exiting A company like this where is your vision There so I think a lot of people see What I do and they look at like oh this Is Russell's company but my head is Separate there's the Russell Brand about Dave Candy's company brand there's Things like that and there's click Funnels and of the assets that I have Click funnels is the only sellable brand Right I don't want to buy the Russell Brunson brand name those are harder but Those are my passion things I Love Adele Will sell clickfunnels I think Potentially we might take QuickBook Public or something I'm not sure yet That probably my exit is we take it to a Set of public but the Russell Brunson Ran the info products I'll be doing Mastermind some 90. I don't wanna I love That that's what fuels me up so do you Think there'll be a time when the stress In the weight of running a huge platform I may not want to be the front guy of That but my calling to serve Entrepreneur so like I don't want to stop that it may look Different maybe like hey I'm not writing Books anymore I'm gonna write tons of Books or maybe I'm going to do events But that piece of my life at least I Don't think will ever stop

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