I had 9 businesses and made no money

My big explosion happened in my Entrepreneurial Journey when I went from Having nine businesses at the same time Dental agency marketing agency at a Chiropractor marketing agency I had gym Launch where we'd fly out and do gym Turnarounds and then I had five gyms of My own at the same time and I was Somehow perplexed as why I wasn't making Any money everything was always on fire All the time and I always just sold my Ass off enough to be able to pay all the Bills and have nothing left over and it Was only when Layla came in and she was Like you know I think maybe if we just Did one thing you could win because she Was like imagine if all you had to do is Make one of these businesses work how Easy would that be I was like oh my God If I want to make one of them work would Be a joke and like I heard myself say That and I was like you're an idiot and So like the trait that I was missing at That point was focus and or discipline I Couldn't say no

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