I hired her in the 1st week of dating

Within the first week of us being Together I was like you should quit your Thing and work with me even if this Doesn't work out this is employment this Is what I would pay and it'll be Whatever you're getting paid because I Know like if you can sell like we can Make a ton of money together so I was Not receptive at first and why is that But we just met I mean and that was Where I was like I have this new idea And I was like I'm gonna start this Thing called gym launch the next time She came over like I had all the docs And the bank accounts and everything Like it was all set up I was like well I'm gonna go do this and I'll come back And let you know how it goes and so I Called every night while I was doing These launches and so I did three Launches and then I flew back as I took Out this fat stack of contracts I was Like can you just help me process all These 45 minutes later we had processed Like 120 Grand or something like that I Knew what I was doing and so I was like So like you want to do this thing with Me the first question she asked me was Is this legal

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