I think people pick wrong

From a dating perspective if you had to Pick a CEO that had to run your company For the rest of your life and all of Your success was predicated on that one Pick how many different CEOs would you Interview a shitload but when people Like want to pick their spouse that They're going to be with for the rest of Their life they uh go on like seven Dates and they're like this one's good Enough I think people pick wrong I know That's not a very acceptable stance for A lot of people because they're like I'm In this marriage what do I do I'm like Well what if you hired somebody and it's Not working out you do everything you Can but at a certain point like that's Why I like you pick better next time and Ideally you spend a lot of time trying To pick right in the beginning if we had No feelings for each other would this Still make sense which I think is a Really good question to ask

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