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You know what the biggest problem is When you're starting a new business it's Getting plans right so I'm gonna try to Make ten thousand in seven days to Document it with you and show you how I Do it there's two strategies but there's A catch total of this so the catch is That I can't do any of the work myself And I can't run any of the ads to get These clients so I have to get them Organically become the leader the CEO And build a team who delivered these Funnels which is a challenge I'm a Little bit nervous about it but I have a Plan for how we can do it you know as Someone who's very used to doing Everything designing the funnel writing Copy implementing the tech is very Different you got to think differently To get to the next level so I'm thinking How can I be a business owner a builder And build teams and business within the Businesses and do all these things Without me doing everything and work on The business not in the business work Smart not just hard so that's what we're Gonna do now let's let's let me let me Share something with you All right so here's the master plan and It's very simple in fact you don't need A fantasy business plan or budget or any Of that most of the tools online are Free and this video you're watching is Free so um just copy what I'm doing the

First step is I'm gonna sell something I Am good at not passionate about I happen To be passionate about marketing as well But the first step is to sell something That you're good at the second part is I'm gonna sell something that is in Demand I'm not going to try to create The man I'm looking at the market online Businesses and I'm looking at what they Need right and then number three I'm Going to utilize a small audience that I Already have and a platform where I can Message them one to one so those are the Two strategies inbound marketing because Of the the audience and content I create And then outbound because I can match Them one-on-one like YouTube I can't Message people on Facebook I can I can Go into groups I can leverage I keep Using the word leverage and leverage was Already there and then number three or Four sorry I'm going to make a crazy No-brainer offer for people who want to Get more leads and customers so let me Explain kind of what I'm actually going To sell the offer the actual offer That's going to make me money now for Those of you new here I've sold sales Funnels for a few years before that I Sold website so the reason I'm selling Sales funnels again is because they make People more money so they generate more Leads they generate more customers they Sell you more courses and so I go in an

In-demand market and I don't sell like a Logo design or something I sell Something that's you know high value for Them and therefore they pay me thousands Instead of hundreds and that's quicker To get to 10 000 per month so that's the Game plan That's cold man So that is kind of the game plan now Let's make the actual offer the post I Talk about the two strategies the first One is outbound where we message people The second one is in a bone where we put Out a post you get people to come to us My plan is to do one week of content try To get 10 000 in sales and I have a Special promo post that I can use right Now because the end of the year all the Time of me recording this but what you Can do is anytime for any reason make a Promotional post saying because of this Reason we have a discount going right Now exclusivity we have two spots three Spots that sort of thing so let's create The offer let's create the post all Right so now it's time now we need that Good hook offer we need a reason for the For the offer because otherwise it comes Off as desperate so I'm gonna post Something about the end of the year make It a no-brainer offer I want to have a Good visual and written book as well so The written could be something like I Normally really don't do this because as

Someone who builds funnels like I Normally don't do this I have a waiting List so for my brand my portfolio makes Sense to make that one for you it could Be something else then I need something Visual so I have this page it's just a Simple like most recent projects on my Portfolio and I have my funnels here so I'm gonna download a few of these and Then I'll check in with you once I've Written the post and and I have the Graphics to see how it turned out so Let's get to work All right I think we made it we have the Post so let me read it for you I Normally don't do this but if you want To save on taxes by investing a funnel Build you need right now or early 2023 Send me a message before end of year and We're getting going exactly when you Need it so if you get it within 24 hours I'll give you fifteen hundred dollars Off so this uh this one for people who Are following me and know they want to Hire me right I've had a two-month Waiting list and I haven't been able to Wear a compliance for a while but now I Have a team so it's perfect for course Creators coaches anyone in the info Education space we also take care of Everything for you so you can extend Your Christmas holidays to New Year and Have it all built out within the next 14 Days three spots available we'll

Probably go faster than Santa can show Up message me for an invoice or link to Jump on Zoom next week so I'll be Probably taking a few calls next week Between Christmas and New Year as well But I'm gonna make a post I got the Funnels here so we have a few samples of Funnels my best funnels if you don't Have funnel clients yet or you don't Have funnels to show or if you're doing Something else you can be copywriting You need to written examples or if you Do whatever it is right if you sell Blogs or websites if you sell videos Like create those like initial maybe Three to six great examples and you can Make a similar post no matter when it is If it's during winter or summer and have That special unique offer let's see what Happens I'm gonna post it All right we got the post up on Facebook And in terms of pricing what I'll do is If I get people to message me I'm gonna Try to offer them 1500 off as I've said In the post but first I have to Establish the price anchor 5000 because That's we're gonna charge in in January And that's what I've been charging now I Used to do 3.5 K in the past haven't for Months so it's generally a discount Three of these that's 10K and then going Into January I want to scale this to 100K per month with a theme this is a Good challenge and I'll keep you updated

Let you know what happened I have these DM closing scripts I'm going to use and Then message me I ask them a few Questions then I introduced the offer And close the deal so let's see if we do Calls and we'll do DM closing that's What I've usually done in the past 99 of People don't actually need a call they Just trust my portfolio and pay the Invoice there so keep you updated All right that didn't take long we have Our first lead and this is well I won't Say their name because of client privacy But this goes done with 1500 off what Would total invoice be doing a five-day Challenge late January so could be good Timing and I say hey man I would love to Help you this similar to what I built For Tony robbers and Dean for their Five-day challenge so we could Definitely crush it uh with you on this One I charge 5K normally and that Includes copy for all pages including Challenge opt-in and paid offer when you Pitch on the challenge design for all Pages Custom Graphics mobile Optimizations five email Tech Integration with payment processor and Automation so 50 100 off from that is 3.5 k for everything then he said you Just log into my click funnels and do it There if so I'm in and say yeah I have a World-class team so building my account Then move it over and set up in your

Account all you do is fill out a form With info then wait 7 to 14 days for it To be live in your account and he said Let's do it so I said awesome we'll send You the invoice in a few so that means I Can now sent him an invoice and we can Get our first client within two three Hours Let's Do It All right so we have The invoice I'm gonna try to show you Without showing the client and so you Can see there everything included all Pages copyright and Custom Graphics 14 Days from payment requirements from Client fill out their own voting form Provider after payment and the amount is 3500 so that is how simple it is there's No fancy what's it called when you send Out a proposal yeah that's right a lot Of Freelancers tell you to send out a Proposal because you have to propose to Them you know having agreed on on the Price and I know that but I think that You can just say hey Um this is what we charge this is a No-brainer here's our portfolio and Here's what's included and that's the Invoice so now we just wait and we send This to him and we wait for the payment To come in she already said let's do it Okay let's go so that's one check that Off and let's try to get another one Boom there we go guess what we have the First paying customer client I don't Know if you can see that uh 3500 payment

And that is the first one literally took A few hours so but that's not all the Good news I also have another lead so Let me read you what they said actually Commented on my my post go check it out My profile so here's what I said hey Brother you commented on my post uh he Said yes man I'm working on redesign for This type of funnel follow a specific Framework but I suck at the sign so I Said hey can I see the framework I'm Happy to help I got the perfect team to Handle this and uh he says do you know What is doing this hold on let me show You what I have and then he shows me What he has and then I say I want to Check checking now and then he's like Hey this is the framework the formula And then I kind of go back and forth on The offer and then he says here's the Thing this framework is awesome however It lacks design power like yours so that I'm like yeah we can definitely do this I think I have an idea what we can do And then I sent him an example and this Is just one way of doing it but I sent This as an example and I'm like this is What I think your brand should have this Type of feeling to it now I have another Lead so I'm gonna go ahead go ahead and Go home to my family because it's uh Getting a little bit late so uh let's See we got one paid I'm gonna send an Invoice to this guy and see if uh if

He's you know if he's paying and then Yeah that would be two uh within a few Hours so that's pretty good I'll keep You updated All right almost here for a run and I Get a message and another client wants Two funnels not one but two because of The special so is the power of urgency Ethical urgency you offer something a Value and you say if you get it now you Get this discount and because of that Instead of taking one he's taking two That's four funnels uh 14k if we can Collect everything before I go to sleep So it's only been like four hours five Hours something so very good not bad Let's finish this though I'm listening To David goggin's book never finished Highly recommend it So good morning I am heading back to the Office we did get four clients yesterday Four close deals but I did fell asleep So I didn't finish recording the outro Of this video we're gonna have to do a Follow-up but uh there's one more thing I want to explain to you so let's head Into the office and cover it there Remember I didn't run any ads to get These clients I didn't do any Outreach But we're starting that because we want To get this to 100K per month and then We're building a team as well so a lot Of lessons still to take from this I'll See you at the office

Foreign Let's recap what happened yesterday so We had four people reach out three of Them bought but one of them bought two Funnels so that's 14 000 cash collected All 3.5 K but there's one more that's Interested in uh service maybe like a Package because he wants funnels for his Own brand but then he also wants funnels For his clients his one-on-one High Ticket Inner Circle and that's the video Of this like referrals these things come Natural when you have your portfolio in Place you have the right skills you've Worked on your foundational stuff you Don't have shortcuts I always say the Only shortcut should be to learn from Someone who's doing what you want to do Not to work less or not have to become Good you know and yes I'm building a Team right now so if you want to do that As well you can just sell you can build A portfolio and you can build a team of Like copper designer offer you know or Maybe the the technical person you can Be the one Consulting an offer because You go from being a designer to a Builder to an agency to a consultant and The higher up the latter you get the More you second chart so very exciting And what tells you you know you can't Get 10 of these if you can get one right You just duplicate what's working Already and then you can get 100 clients

That's what I've done you know and so Next week we're going more into outbound And we're going to start to close more Very excited Um let's start onboarding these clients

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