I was raised by a single dad

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I was raised by a single dad it's just Me and him that was it for the vast Majority of my life Middle Eastern came Here the thousand dollars he was a Doctor came here learned English from Watching television you know what I mean Has the American success story I was Born here all of it was about making him Proud that's what I was trying to do and Then I think that brought my like Adolescence I realized that it was Something that was always going to be Withheld from it so it didn't matter What it was the goal post would always Move so that he would never be proud Enough right and so like if I got you Know a 99 on a test it wasn't Congratulations that's what you get Wrong so this desire to gain approval Turned into a very deep anger first my Goal was to make as much as my dad and Then it was to make more than my dad and Then it was to make more than my dad had Ever made his whole life Wow and so once I had done that I wanted the success to Be unquestionable

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