I went shopping with Leila

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So I went shopping with Leila the other Day my wife she was picking a pair of Shoes and she was like ah I don't really Know and the shoe salesman said Something that was so beautiful and Layla said listen it's not about the Money I'm just not sure if I like the Shoes that much and the shoe smells and Said this she said well if we were Giving all these shoes away for free Would you take them she was like whoa I Mean sure if they were free and she was Like right then it's not not about the Money consider selling tickets to your Wedding that cover the cost of every Single person you want so instead of Having a budget and having to limit to Only the amount of people you can afford Every single person can pay for Themselves and even maybe a little extra To put a down payment on a house or Start a new business rather than having Stuff that one time and you'll never use You can have an investment that you can Use for Life the one rule my wife and I Have above all lovers in terms of making Decisions we both come to an agreement Or we don't move forward and that goes For Investments it goes for business Decisions and it goes for social events I think the quality of our decision says Benefit as a result

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