If your price doesn’t make people gasp, it’s not high enough

If people aren't in shock and gasping When you tell them how expensive your Thing is you're not going high enough And the reason you say the first price Is extremely expensive is that without Trying people's brains will start to Justify how something could possibly be That expensive now whether or not they Want to ultimately buy at that price you Fundamentally shifted how they're going To see everything else you say in the Conversation so for example if I say one Dollar and then I say ten dollars boom You have a range there now if I say a Thousand dollars and then I say ten Dollars it seems significantly different And we want our price to be perceived Through the thickest richest money lens Possible so that it seems as small as Possible and as affordable and we Already want some of that Rationalization working in our favor so That you can then go from the gasp to The sigh of relief yeah I think I can Afford that

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