I’ll wake up between 3am to 7am

I'll wake up between like 3 30 and 7. I Can't remember the last time we set an Alarm just wake up when I wake up you Would wake up naturally at three o'clock In the morning oh yeah really oh yeah For sure do you feel tired or you just Smoke it today at like 4 30. it's a Saturday if Alex is writing his book or Has ideas like it's the idea that wakes Me up so I'll wake up it depends on if Layla's up or not if Layla's up then I'll have coffee with her and then I'll Start working and if she's not up and I'll not have coffee with her I'll just Have coffee alone just straight to my Desk and start working there first half Is is solo work the second half is group Work and that is that has worked Extremely well for me no disruptions First half of my day is mine second half Is meetings and that's worked yeah

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