I’m leaving money on the table

I'm leaving money on the table and then They think to themselves well I don't Want to fur that business out because Like they should get that from me and Then they try and glob that I need to do This too as I can get more money on Every customer here's the thing the Biggest mistake that I see entrepreneurs Who are at you know 2 million three Million five million ish is that they Are trying to solve their business Growth Problem by just trying to glob as Many different things as they possibly Can and so then they just start coming Out with thing after thing after thing After thing for that audience rather Than thinking maybe I should expand my Audience and keep selling the thing that I'm really good at the thing that I'm Best at the thing that's the best Leverage for my opportunity my skill set Because the problem that we're trying to Solve is that we're trying to make more Money it's doing all these other things It distracts from the core business Opportunity

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