I’m no longer playing my dad’s game

It was all about beating my dad earlier On and a lot of that was because I felt Like a lot of the respect was withheld From me earlier on and it was always Like a moving Target which is you know If I got something wrong on a test it Was like would you get wrong that was Kind of the the earlier part was I Wanted to win the game that had been set Up for me first it was make a hundred Thousand a year and then it was made the Same amount of amount as my dad and then It was make more than my dad and then it Was make more than my dad had ever made His entire life and then once that Happened I looked around and I was like I think I've been playing his game and Not my game I wasn't really setting any Rules I was just playing with the rules That were given to me is this even the Game I want to play I think it did serve Me a lot and I don't know how much of These reinforced behaviors that I Learned during that period of time still Benefit me today but they're not fueled By the same thing so I still have these Habits of how I work and being dedicated Towards goals Etc that I think were born Of that but no longer are fueled from That now

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