I’m Talking With Brendon Burchard LIVE On Creating Lasting Behavior CHANGE

Want to create behavior CHANGE that ‘sticks’ long-term? Join me LIVE with BRENDON BURCHARD (one of our Funnel Hacking LIVE speakers!)

Brendon Burchard is the world’s #1 high performance coach, a 3-time New York Times bestselling author, and one of the most-watched, quoted, and followed motivational speakers in history. Success Magazine and O, The Oprah Magazine, named him one of the most influential leaders in personal growth. Forbes named him the world’s leading high performance coach. Larry King named him the world’s top motivational trainer.

As entrepreneurs, we’re often filled with BIG goals and dreams. But in order for your business to CHANGE and grow, it usually requires YOU to change and develop as well. You need to change your way of thinking, your behaviors, and your actions. So HOW do you do it? How do you create Human Behavior CHANGE in a way that sticks long-term?

That’s what I want to open the discussion on in this LIVE interview! It’s a big topic to unpack, so we’ll start the discussion during this interview, and then in his presentation at Funnel Hacking LIVE, Brendon will share the secrets behind why people fail to change, and why some start, but their new behaviors fade, and they can’t seem to “keep at it”. And he’ll share how not only YOU can achieve true long-lasting change, but also how to use the same knowledge in your marketing to help your CLIENTS get results as well!

Shut up right right now I just went live What’s up everybody what’s up guys We’ve been talking behind the scenes for Like an hour now and we just click go Live so uh hopefully all you guys are Doing awesome here today with Brandon Bouchard Brandon how you feeling dude I’m feeling so honored to be here with You one of my favorite people on the Planet you know oh I’m so excited we had Such uh I had such a good time like last Week at Dean’s Place hanging out with You and going to dinner and all that Stuff and it’s just fun to reconnect and I’m even more excited though because in 40 days from today you’re going to be at Funnel hacking live server audience and Um and just super grateful for you being Willing to do that I know how busy you Are and how how many you know how many Things you’re doing in your life right Now and just grateful guys this is this Is my second time and I can tell you the First time of fhl the environment the Energy the people the people actually Willing to do the work and build their Businesses and their love of meeting Other people to learn their funnels and Their marketing strategy it was so Palpable and energized I left fired up Man I know you gotta be backstage one Around you were doing your thing but I Went out and talked with the people Forever and I had the best time so I

Can’t wait to come back thanks for Having me back oh man no I appreciate That our phone hackers are like the Coolest people that I yeah there’s all It’s funny because me and you so those Who don’t know Brandon and I have been Geeking about marketing since almost Like 20 years ago when we first met the First time and like we were the nurse Who were geeking out on stuff and Building funnels and doing things and uh You know most of the world didn’t care About it back then and I don’t know About you but for me it’s fun that now There’s this community people who are Like as geeked out about as we are where We’re talking about conversions upsells And down sales and we think it’s so much Fun and exciting it’s just anyway it’s Just fun to hang out and talk about that Kind of stuff so I love it I love it Yeah my first book came out 20 years ago It was called the student leadership Guide it was a book for kids on how to Lead veterans high school and college And that took off I got a like a regular Job like a corporate job afterwards but I wanted to write another book and I Wrote the book and I put it out there And the best thing that ever happened Was it completely failed and I’d put all This energy into that book and what I Realized was I was like this book failed Because I don’t know marketing

And I was so upset about it that all I Did is study marketing for like three Four months just like literally stopped Working just studied marketing for three Four months and then launched now with The famous free book offer yep did that In 2006 or seven I think was which book Was that for that for knife’s Golden Ticket cool yeah and so and I had Learned it like I think I was the first Major author to ever do a free book Campaign giveaway because that was like The major publisher yeah but what was Interesting is I actually learned it From a uh the direct response guys I’d Seen a free DVD offer we’re doing free DVDs Three MP3 players free USB drives You tried all the stuff and then you Were the first like Oh Let’s Do A Book Like Us Converting funnels of all time you know And I know you’ve done it a million Times too and it’s just like it’s Incredible that the out of that same Frustration that many people watching This right now your business isn’t Growing the level you want yeah you got To figure out a new marketing funnel to Change that yeah it’s one reason I love What Russell teaches you’re one funnel Away because the truth is I was going Broke When that book came out and it didn’t Work I bet the farm on that and when it

Didn’t work instead of getting Discouraged instead of doubting myself Instead of blaming uncertainty or Blaming the system I said you know what I lack a skill And this skill that I lack is called Marketing I don’t know how to do that yet so I had To go teach myself direct response and Copywriting and page I was a personal Development guy I never wanted to be a Marketing guy like Russell is through And through and insane lover of Marketing I learned marketing to Perpetuate my personal development stuff And it wasn’t the other way around for Me and I had to learn that so many of You watching this you have a passion or You have an idea or you have a desire And you’re like well I’m not quite Unquote a marketer I’m like it doesn’t Matter if you think you are a marketer If you want to succeed you need to get Fhl because you have to figure out what What marketing works now yeah and Russell’s at the Forefront of that he Always is at the Forefront of marketing He’s always the person like tweaking That funnel and showing just just do This guys focus on this messaging do This thing and he gets so passionate About it sometimes you miss like oh no This is the thing do this thing and um I Tell you what I’ve learned a lot from

You too buddy so it’s it’s I’m thrilled To be back oh man I’m so excited so um Last time you spoke you did two cool Presentations you did one all on um the Seven day live launch funnel which was Crazy cool and then you also spoke um About uh high performance habits and and That was insanely uh and I don’t know if I told you this my mom she’s only coming To one funnel I can live ever and she Sat in the front row and uh when it’s All done uh all the speakers were done Four days is over she came over to my Favorite speaker was that Brendan I love Him so my mom loved you the most at all Even more than me so anyway I didn’t even know that yeah I remember You saying your mom liked him I didn’t Know I was the the favorite even more Still to me so you beat me in my mind Anyway but that’s why you aim your Potato gun at me now you’re like yeah Um so awesome but this show we’ll talk About because this year um uh obviously We have a lot of people coming teaching Technical Parts like funnels and traffic And things like that and um I know my Message was kind of vague like I want You to talk about psychology because This is where most people get stuck it’s Not like oh what’s the plan like the Plan’s not difficult like you know we’ve Proven that there’s two thousand people Running through common Club board at

This point like there’s there’s a lot of Plans a lot of ways to do it but it’s Like I think people get stuck here and I Was like man Brendan’s the best in the World that’s like I want you to come and Like help get that part right so let me Kind of I know you’re still working your Presentation but like like what are you Gonna be talking about how’s it going to Help people to actually be successful Not just to learn this stuff to actually Execute and have have the ability to to Do it and have Success With It yeah you If you don’t understand human psychology But most importantly human behavior Change and what causes it You can have the plan you can have the Sales structure you can have the great Landing page but you don’t convert Or if you do convert they don’t stay Afterwards they don’t upgrade afterwards You don’t build a brand you don’t build The following that you’re capable of Because what’s what’s happening is You’re doing the tactics tactics and Hitting the lever to get the traffic or To get the conversion or to get the sale But then you see a lot of people who do That great online marketers but then They never have a following great online Marketers but they can’t build their Podcast great online marketers but You’re like well how come they don’t Have a good reputation great online

Marketers who can’t Um uh escalate to that higher end offer That always aligns more with people’s Ambitions than just solving a specific Problem and so a lot of marketers you Learn to solve a specific problem to get That sale But because you don’t know people They don’t escalate with you you can’t Build not only human behavior change What gets them to actually Implement What you’re teaching or doing get them To actually use what you’re selling Because like selling the thing is one Thing getting them to use it is a Different thing that requires human Behavior change psychology yeah getting Them to upgrade especially when you Start talking about higher price things That’s all psychological escalation not Tactical or problem solving escalation And so if you’re ever frustrated in the Back end of your funnel or you hit a Sticking point in the growth of your Business you probably might be solving The right problems you might be talking To the right niche Niche Niche I still Don’t know I’m from Montana I’m still Wondering how people say that word okay So you got the right Avatar You got the perfect Avatar you got the Great Lander you got the first Conversion and yet you don’t see any Flywheel in the business mm-hmm it’s

Lacking human behavior change psychology So what I’m going to talk about fhl is I’m going to break it down for you I’m Like first you have to understand humans Have these four desires once you Understand the four desires and the four Desires are in your messaging Now there is more than just an Intellectual connection it is a Heart-to-heart or Humanity type Connection that’s just bigger than Actually and it’s not soft Lulu stuff It’s like no that stuff is required to Build a long-term sense of belonging Connection escalation implementation So we’ll talk about that just help People really understand like what is That then we’re going to teach you how People actually think through the human Behavior change framework like how do They think through Becoming something more doing something Different implementing your new thing And when you understand that you’re like Got it that’s how to get them to Implement And the third thing I’m going to talk About well is well how do we now connect All of that at a larger social level for You to start a movement this is where You see your audience like I have so Many people like how did you get six Million fans I’m like well it’s not Because I’m funny you know it’s like I’m

Not entertaining I’m not as passionate As Russell Brunson like I I like I’m a Dork And I’m I’m a geek passionate about my Unique things which is psychology and Philosophy and human behavior change and So how did I do that I spoke the Language That’s required to do that and so I’m Going to teach you that languaging Because the most important thing and and Russell can teach it better than I can In so many different ways is your copy But there’s a different copy structure For sales Then there is a copy structure for Audience building and movement building Very different like the stuff that Russ And I love to geek out like when we talk Or we sit down with Dean it’s like it’s Like copywriting 101. right you’re Trying to figure out like let’s add Value right now you’re trying to Increase your sales in your webinar You’re trying to increase your sales on Your Lander you’re trying to increase Sales in your email okay every Copywriter right now will nod when Russell and I say okay present the Possibility talk about the problem talk About your expert story positioning or Your journey or your Authority like your Connection with that talk about how your Solution is different talk about the

Benefits and the features of that talk About now why you have something that is Unique and then present it with price Juxtaposition high price to low price by The time present the price give them Bonuses and incentives to purchase now Give scarcity have proof and authority And testimonials along the way and Present to CTA yep That’s guys that’s it actually 50 times That that is copywriting that’s Conversion copy that’s sales messaging Very different than human behavior Change messaging and very different than Movement and audience building messaging So now when you know one two and three You win and that’s what we’re doing at Fhl so get yourself signed up people Let’s go oh I love it is that that blend Between the two worlds of like Psychology and marketing and like when They they overlap is when they uh the Magic happens and sociology and Sociology right that’s that’s a big big Piece so guys this is what we’re Teaching at funnel hacking live I hope You’ll join me there because I’ve never Ever and Russell knows I’ve never Presented it before yeah and it’s Something I do on the big stages that I Go around Um I’ve been blessed to speak on every Major arena in North America now and I Don’t think I’ve ever given the same

Presentation twice except for I often Tell my own story like my my origin Story uh what do you call your origin Story you have a you name it something Epiphany Bridge story your Epiphany Bridge story yeah yeah I talk about my I Call it expert story positioning you Call it Tiffany Bridge same thing I tell My story so people in the audience know Who I am and what I’m about but at the End of the day this structure that you Just learned I think it’s the most valuable thing Ever not only to convert but then how do You do it to build your audience we’re Doing that funnel hacking live Exclusively get yourself signed up I’m Pumped to be there there’s the link by The way wherever funnelhackinglive.com Is we get your tickets and um and then a Couple things just for all the audience You’re listening right now is Um the roomblocks almost sold out so This is I keep telling people like when It sells out it’s the worst thing world Because you have to go stay at a Different hotel and you miss all the Late night parties the early morning Stuff like so like this is the urgency And scarce they get your tickets because When the roomblock’s gone you can’t stay At the hotel and you want to be in the Hotel I promise you that and number two Is that next week all of our speaker

Bonuses disappear and so that means if You buy a ticket in a week from now You’re gonna get all the amazing bonuses Which brings me number three uh do you Have any speaker bonuses you want to Throw in for the people who are thinking About coming to funnel hacking live and They just want to get they see a little Boost over the edge yeah dude um listen Most you guys know I have a thousand Dollar program where every single month I go live and I teach marketing and Every a single month it’s a new Marketing strategy or what’s working That particular time of year in Marketing and then I help you set your Marketing goals and your business goals For the month we do breakouts we all Share our goals it’s like group Accountability the energy is awesome and It’s something I do on the first day of Every month I don’t care if that first Day is on a Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday the First day of every month you start your Month by setting your goals I bring you Together to show you what’s working Marketing teaching you one new marketing Tactic or strategy and then set your Marketing goals together and verbalize Them talk about them then do some q a And we’re off I do that on the first of Every single month is a thousand bucks And I’m giving you three months of that

Free when you sign up for funnel hacking Live by midnight tonight this is like The gift that keeps on giving you do not Want to miss that you guys Brendan’s Marketing training is amazing especially Because I think what’s unique about Yours like you said you’re like you Don’t teach marketing for a living so This like when you do talk about it it’s Like from such a uni unique angle from The way that I think even like the world That the way I view the world the way You view the world while we’re both Doing similar things like we just view It so differently you bring these Insights that are just anyway they’re Amazing so I’m pumped for everybody to Have access to that so thank you for Throwing that in I love it man I want to Help in any way I can and I’m so excited About this community because Um I mean I think the industry knows About it maybe you’re new to the Industry and you don’t know about it but The energy that Russell creates here at This event is not like any other Marketing conference out there it’s it Doesn’t lack soul You know it’s like a lot of people who Come to this who are givers and a lot of People who come to this give back and You’ll see it from stage I mean they They do fundraising at the event for Important causes and Russell me and a

Lot of the other speakers Todd and the Whole there’s a we don’t need to do this Anymore we we already earned our our Abundance and found our you know spot in The industry and we’ve already you know Built our wealth and our businesses and Had our exes we do this because we know Exactly what it feels like when you’re Starting to figure this stuff out we Know exactly what the breakthroughs are And then we know exactly what it really Takes to scale because some of you Watching this you’re already doing great But you’re kind of stuck and maybe You’re earning well for your Neighborhood But you don’t know how to earn well for The scale or for that multi-generational Type of wealth and so when you learn Marketing the levels that we teach here It’s just a very different conversation Where it serves you for everyone who is New But the distinctions are so critical Like the stuff I’ll be teaching about Human behavior change that’s going to Serve you if you’re totally new But also if you’ve been doing pretty Well and you’re like how do I go to that Next level like tell me the you know get Millions of fans and millions of dollars A month kind of stuff well that’s a Different utilization of the same Psychology just a little different so

We’ll talk about those different layers There I always love to say so if you’re New do this use this messaging if you’re Already established go here with it and It was like wow you know and that’s what We’re doing at funnel hacking live baby It’s so awesome well 40 days away man we Are like like a month and a week away From fhl happening so thank you guys so Much for being there everybody’s Watching now is the time get your Tickets funnilockinglive.com be there With me and Brendan we’re gonna have so Much fun and we cannot wait to serve you Guys but you’ve got to take next step And actually get your tickets so go to Funlikinglive.com again speaker bonuses Expire next week as well as uh Roomblocks are almost expired so this is The time to get your tickets they’re Gonna be sold out soon and uh yeah so Thanks man I appreciate you being on Here today thank you everybody and we’ll See you guys in 40 days FHA thanks Everybody bye everyone

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