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One thing that I have found really Really helpful is doing things that Prompt the user to scroll past the Viewport oftentimes people will open a Website they'll read your main header And either click your button or they'll Leave your website and a lot of times They don't know that there's great Content if they continue to scroll so What I like to do is preferably a moving Arrow like a lawdy animation that's Pointing down so they know to scroll Down the other thing that you can do is Have some content that is bleeding off The bottom of the page in my case I Often like to have a video here but they Can only see the top part of the video Player this way they know there's Something down below and they're going To be interested in seeing what it is as They're going to scroll a little bit Further to play the video so doing Things like this can encourage them to Continue scrolling and the longer people Spend on your website the more likely They are to buy whatever it is that You're selling

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