In office or remote… which do you prefer?

Which one you prefer in office or remote So the answer is it depends I'm an Introvert so when I want to work I could Be by myself in a room hidden by myself But also I get the energy of people in The room so I love people are together We can like celebrate and I give an idea And see people's reactions to it in real Time you know when we build click Funnels initially I wanted to get Everyone to move here to Boise so we all Be in one spot but the problem is my Business partner Todd was in Atlanta and Other people different places around the World and so we decided to go remote by That time there was a book called remote That came out by 37 signals and they Talked about how they did theirs where Everyone would go work remote but then They would do something two or three Times a year people would fly in and They could be together and so we've kind Of made a hybrid version of that where Click funnels most of our 400 plus Employees and contractors and stuff are All around the world working remote from Home but we do meetups once or twice a Year in different departments where We're gonna fly to Boise or to Atlanta To get together to build a community to Work together to be able to build Communication channels and so we kind of A hybrid version my favorite those and Everyone comes in the office we have a

Chance to sit down and actually build Stuff together as a team it's a lot of Fun

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