Income taxes should be as close to zero

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I think income taxes should be like as Close to zero as possible and then make The capital gains taxes higher if you Make with your hands awesome if you make On your assets that is infinite leverage With time so if you trade the most Expensive thing for your money then I Feel like you should get taxed less and If you trade no time for your money sure What do you think would happen if it was 100 death tax I think that billionaires Would become far more giving and as they Approach the end they know they can't Keep it and I also think it would change The way the game is played but if you Were to imagine Life as a poker game you Get a chip and then you sit down at the Table and you're dealt cards right There's all the other players around the Table and depending on the cards are Dealt and the skill you have you begin To amass chips the difference between This fictitious casino and the casino of Life is that in the real world you can Amass chips you cash out you have a big Lot of money you walk out the door but In the casino of life and the Grim Reaper Taps you and says you it tells You it's time you have to get out from The table your chips stay on the table And they push them to the middle to be Distributed by everybody else like That's when you realize that it was a Fake game with rules that never mattered

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