Introduction to Contacts in ClickFunnels 2.0

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ClickFunnels education team and on This video we’ll go over context From your left side menu please click Contacts to reach your contacts area In this dashboard you will see all of Your contacts displayed for this example I only have three contacts but as long As your contacts increase you will be Able to see more pages here You can filter and sort your contacts Using these two buttons here the filter Button will help you to create some sort Of rules that you can apply to display a Particular contact you can use these Conditions from here email first name Last name lifetime value and you will See more options here and you will see These conditions is is not starts with And all of these conditions as well and Here you will input the the value that You want to use to filter for example Uh we will use first name is and then Ali and you will see all of the contacts With this first name Uh you have two options here you can Create And That means that the contact needs to Needs these two rules in order to show And you can use the or Option Um

For the contact to meet this or this Rule in order to show Once you have Finished creating your filters you can Apply them or you can save save them as Well in case you will use them in the Future And you can also sort your contacts by By using these options you have lifetime Value a unique ID name email address you Have a lot of options here to choose in Order to sort your contacts In this stuff The visitors tab you will see all of the Contacts that visited your site but Didn’t provide any email address You will see this context here and in The contacts tab you will see the Contacts that did provide an email Address and submit their information To visit each contact’s profile you only Need to click on the desired contact and You will see this tab on the right side Of your screen You you will see the overview tab Billing tab enrollment and orders in the Overview tab you can see the date that This contact was created there are less Activity you can add notes to this Contact you can edit the address manage The text settings you can add tags from This tab as well and you will be able to See all of the activity of this contact From the billing tab you will be able to See their billing methods and you can

Also add new payment methods from here From the enrollments app you will see All of the courses that this contact is Enrolled and in the order sub you will See all of their purchases from this Contact you can also create manually an Order from here In these three dots menu you will see The option to remove the content and Edit the content and you have the option To see the full profile which contain All of the information that we saw in Here And also more details You will see the overview the activity Uh the marketing Area two orders enrollments and Fulfillments If we go back To the contacts dashboard you will see Also the option to add a contact from Here So you only need to click here in order To manually add contacts You will see this tab again and you only Need to enter their email addresses name Last name and all of the information That you that you want to add and then Create contact In the left side of your contacts Dashboard you will see this menu uh Let’s click on contact tags and this Will display all of your existing tags If you want to create a new tag you need

To click here in add new tag You need to add a name for the tag And add a color for it this will help You to identify the tag better Once you have selected your name and Your color click on create tag and the Tag will be created and added to your Text Segments Will help you to filter specific Contacts Based on their activity or base on their Name or emails uh let’s let’s Um see an example of this if you click Here in add new segment you will see you You will need to add a name to this and Then click on create a filter You will see this area that wall that Works very similar uh to the one that we Saw in our context so the filter uh that We saw in there and in here you can Select A characteristic of your contact a Condition and and then add a specific Value for this In order to filter those contacts Um for this example we can use Um what product Is Uh let’s select this one so that means That this segment will will show uh only The context that bought this product When you create this segment You will see it here and when you click

These segments You will see all of the contact that Meets those uh those rules or those Filters in this case since I don’t have Any contact admit that particular filter I don’t I cannot see any contact but Once you do have a contact that meets That’s criteria you will see them in Here The groups the groups area will show uh The existing groups and if you want to Create a new group you only need to Click here add new group And you need to add a name for it and a Type these groups will work as Um as lists so you will see all of your Lists added here And the last tab is the contact import And this tab will help you to import Your external contacts into your Clickfunnels account Uh I hope this video about context was Helpful uh once again this is Ali from The customer education team thank you.

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