Introduction to Courses in ClickFunnels 2.0

In this video, you will learn the “Introduction to Courses in ClickFunnels 2.0”.

From the ClickFunnels customer education Team and on this video we are going to Go over courses first thing let’s reach Out your courses area by clicking inside And funnels And then clicking on courses This is your courses dashboard in this Area you will be able to see all of your Existing courses and you can filter Those by using this tab here in the top You can select the the ones that are Published the ones that are coming soon Or the ones that are in draft Uh you can also use these tools here to Sort them and filter them Let’s start this by creating a new Course first thing we need to click the The button on the right top Corner new Course And then let’s let’s select uh blank Course Here you will be able to add a title for Your course A description uh this is optional and You can also uh decide your theme you Can Leave the one that I that it’s already Selected you or you can change it from Here you can also add a thumbnail image For your Course once you have completed This information you only need to click On create course

Now that your course is already created As you can see here uh you can start Adding new models from here So let’s add our new Model from here You can also add a description as well And if you expand these options here you Can also add a thumbnail image for this Particular module Once you have completed this you need to Click on create module You can keep adding models to these Curves from here As you need it and if you want to add Lessons to each model you can add them From here if you’re here if you click Here you can see this button that says Add lesson or add model these models if You add a model inside of another model This will be this this will be Considerated as a sub model Uh so you have the up you have the Option to do it from here or also if you Uh click on customize You will see that you have the option to Do it from here as well if you click Here you will see a lesson and that Model so you have those two options To continue adding lessons to your to Your course let’s do it from here just For this video Add lesson and then here you will be Able to add a title for your lesson Lesson one

And here you can select a thumbnail Image for this particular lessons you Can also add audio files or video files Once you have completed these you need To click on create lesson And here as you can see Um Here you now you have your module your First model and your first lesson To edit the content let’s go again into The customize Area that will take you to the editor Here in the editor you will see this um This dashboard and this is how your Curves will look okay this is the course Home page This information right here that are in Inside of brackets and and these Pictures will be updated with the Information of each module so for Example here it will show module a and Then the thumbnail picture of the model A and then module B with a thumbnail Picture of of it Etc etc but now we need to edit this Page so that the content Um updates When you see your course for example if You click here add new element And click on the elements of the curses Modules You will see this this Um elements here if we click name Then you will see this now this element

Will update with the name of your module So you might as well delete that one and Then just skip this one which is the one That will be updated with the correct Information uh other than that you can Edit the background of of the Of the page as you wish uh the Typography Etc Uh now let’s review the template of the Lessons if we click on our first lesson Let’s Let’s move to to this um you you will See this uh this course is it’s uh brand New So if you haven’t added your temp if you Haven’t edited your template yet you Will see this uh warning here you don’t Have Dynamic replace content in this Lesson template page you can add it Um editing the template page so let’s go To edit the template page of the lesson By clicking here Okay You will be taken to the lesson template So that you can edit it this template Will be applied to all the existing Lessons So we can start by adding The dynamic elements to this page if we Click here course and then lessons Because we are in the in the in the Lesson template you can start adding for Example the name that these will Automatically update with the name of

Each lesson we can remove this one and We can start adding other elements that You want all of the lessons to show For example these This link here will allow your visitors To go to go back to the to the lesson Itself by using this link Um you can select this image that will Be updated with that particular lesson Image And the way to add specific contact to Each one of your lessons will be by Adding the content body element if you If we click here in Dynamic slots You will see this element content body Okay And it will look like this Now we will save these changes And Let me Go back to the lesson here Now we can see that the title was reply Was replaced uh with the name of the Lesson from here I didn’t select a thumbnail picture for The lesson that’s why this image shows Uh Like this but if when we when you add an Image it will update here as well and Then here is where you can start adding Specific content for each one of your Lessons as you can see here you can add The the sections the rows and you can Start adding the content for this

Particular lesson Now let’s go back to our curse Uh let me just save changes And let’s go back Now once you have completed all the Information in one lesson you can always Change the status to publish when a Lesson is in draft that means that it Won’t be available for your visitors But they will be able to see this when It’s in publish and just as you did this You can do the same with each model uh You can keep them in draft until they Are ready to be seen for your visitor so You only need to to click here in Publish you can also drip uh the release Date or you can lock them from here and It will be the same for your for your Test for the whole test from here Uh I hope this overview video about Courses was helpful this is ale from the Customer education team thank you.

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