Investing Into Yourself

In my opinion 100 of anyone's money Should be invested in only one thing Which is increasing the earning capacity That's it A friend of mine has a Daughter she's 17 years old she got a Job at a bowling alley she was making Minimum wage I think it was like 750 Whatever he's like why don't you just uh Get a phlebotomy certification it's a Weekend and you immediately make 25 an Hour and so people think about that I'm Like guys it's 500 in two days it's a Weekend to get a phlebotomy Certification and forever she will have Three and a half extra earning capacity For the rest of her life and so if you Take that same thousand dollars and put It in the s p maybe it goes up ten Percent maybe it goes up 25 because That's a crazy year right well cool you Have 250 extra you could have 250 extra Per week just by investing in that one Thing where you get a 50x return or 100x Return

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