Join Me And Derral Eves LIVE To Talk About Creating A MOVEMENT On YouTube!

Want to create a mass MOVEMENT using the viral power of YouTube? Join me LIVE with YouTube marketer (and Funnel Hacking LIVE speaker) – DERRAL EVES!

Derral Eves is a video marketing expert who has helped grow many well-known brands and influencers (like Mr. Beast!)…and helped 28 YouTube Channels go from ZERO to over a MILLION subscribers! He’s ALSO the mastermind and Exec. Producer behind ‘The Chosen’ video series. Just like Mr. Beast, ‘The Chosen’ video series has become a global phenomenon that has been built off of FREE videos. Yet, those free videos have built a wildly successful business, and have created a powerful MOVEMENT across the world through their message!

I’m excited to sit down and talk with Derral to hear his story about how he started producing these brilliant videos…and also to see how he’s taking free videos that people love to virally consume, and monetize them, and build giant brands and businesses around them.

The great news is, you don’t have to have a huge following (or any following) to start growing your business on YouTube. It doesn’t matter if you’re Mr. Beast, or a Funnel Hacker starting at ZERO subscribers. At FHL, Derral is going to teach you how anyone can build a mass MOVEMENT using the power of YouTube.

And we’re live What’s up everybody i’m here today with Daryl eaves who is um man someone i’m so Excited to introduce all you guys to uh We’re doing all the speaker interviews Now for fun locking live and daryl’s Next speaker up uh how are you doing Today man i’m excited to be here anytime I can talk about youtube i’m excited so I’m excited i’m like i’m like Excited like three or four ways because I’m obviously you’re coming to funeral Hockey live to talk about youtube which Um i rewatched your inner circle Presentation i think you said you’ve had Like set was a 73 billion view or some Some like Huge let’s say 86 billion but who’s Counting oh yeah 86 billion views on youtube and facebook I can cross that across all the Platforms Uh that’s just youtube uh facebook’s Actually gaining steam i’m actually Getting more uh views on facebook every Day so it’s crazy okay so there’s Basically nobody on this planet i don’t Think who’s ever had more views than you Is there anybody like Oh yeah i mean there there’s definitely Been businesses that uh that have but Yeah it’s it’s fun i i enjoy it so There’s that side of it which is Insanely cool and like you understand

Youtube and the algorithms and all kind Of stuff better than anyone and you’re Doing it all like this is not like paid Ads this is all like you making amazing Stuff that goes viral like people watch They share so i’m excited about that Side but the other side that i’m even More excited for uh those who are Watching this may or may not know but You’re one of the co-founders of the Show the chosen that is correct yeah Yeah Which has become this thing that has Literally changed my life it’s changed My my kids lives like every single Sunday that’s what we watch we go to Church we come and watch the chosen and Then um but it’s like something that i Think millions and millions people Around the world have gotten closer to Jesus christ because of the work you’re Doing as well and like um you’ve created This entire movement of millions of People who are all like insanely Passionate about about the the thing you Created the chosen which is so cool as Well so i’m excited because of all these Different things that you do you’re one Of the most amazing impressive people I’ve ever met in my life and so i’m just I’m Coming to speak funnel hacking live this Year so well i’m excited that’s an honor For what you said because i i think the

Biggest thing is you got to find your Passion and for me it’s all all about Video all about audience development and Then my passion for jesus and that’s Kind of like the perfect storm when it Comes together and we’re able to do a Project like the chosen so it’s just Like Definitely fulfilling in so many Different ways and for me i i can’t wait To share um the knowledge that i’ve Gained um to everyone coming to funnel Hacking live um and and the reason why Is because This can be a movement for anything that You’re passionate about And i’ve gone to pretty much every event That you put on there and i i rub Shoulders with with everyone that’s There and it’s just like everyone’s Passionate about what they’re doing And they just want to share and the Biggest the biggest issue that i have is They think that i they can buy the view Uh they can buy the exposure and yes you Can and you can you can really fill Uh an audience you can sell a ton of Products that way but there’s a way to Blend it too and that’s what i want to Share With everybody there is how do you Actually blend it with Really really strong organic brand Building and then supplement it with the

Right type of ads that just really Convert and you can really grow and sell Pretty much about anything That you’re passionate about i love Obviously not going too much detail but Um because i know people we talked about The chosen it’s like oh my gosh that’s So big that’s Bigger than i can imagine but you’ve got Clients uh a couple of my friends are Like direct clients of yours and they’re All sorts of markets you like just throw A couple names like the types of markets You’ve worked with that have that are You wouldn’t think are something that Would like kill it on youtube that you Guys just crushed it with Yeah i think the the biggest name on Youtube right now is mr beast so he and I we own a couple businesses together And i got to know him about five years Ago and we just strategized i actually Had a house right next to him for years Um and you know he’s the biggest name Creator-wise and then brands red bull I’ve done a lot um for them um and Other brands like nintendo and epic Games uh fortnite um specifically um and Then for uh the other side one i’m Actually really excited about so i’m Gonna use them as a case study um is Myron golden and um And i i really love it because i met him At an uh at an inner circle meetup and

Uh he became a student of mine and he is Just crushing it right now Uh on youtube me every day he’s like Video views like Dude he’s just the crazy thing about it Is he’s just barely getting started Because he’s like i get he can’t i gave Him a whole bunch of things that he Couldn’t do And it says this is what you gotta do And then we just kind of tweaked a few Things and that’s what i share on stage It’s like how do you tweak it the right Way To know what to tweak to get that Organic growth and the great thing about It is i mean uh the numbers instead of Him paying for exposure youtube’s paying Him Uh for the exposure so it’s a really Really great thing and and two it Trickles down through the funnels that He has which is really exciting yeah Man so cool and um Yeah there’s so many cool business one Of our friends they she sells um Uh an air like an air fryer cookbook and She started working with you because she Was like you know she didn’t she doesn’t Like someone who buys a lot of ads Things like that and then she’s like She’s a blogger and things like that and Then uh she came into your world and Started doing it and now she her her

Youtube channel is like the biggest Source of traffic for them and it’s all Doing exactly you teach in the process And just killing it so i’m just like i Think it doesn’t matter if you’re Selling yeah if you’re mr beast the Biggest in the world or if you’re Selling air fryer cookers or you’re mine Golden your speaker like um like the Process you show people what you do is Is um is amazing so i’m so excited You’re up on day number one because not Only do i talk about youtube i want you Talking about like this movement you Create with the chosen like Throw some stats on the chosen like i Don’t understand like how big this thing Has grown from like the small idea you Guys had to it’s a worldwide movement Now Yeah so the first one was we broke the All-time crowdfunding record in film and Television we just blew it out of the Water and um then we produced the show And what’s been crazy our goal has Always been to get a billion people to See an authentic jesus through the Chosen and so like not not a billion Views billion views is easy uh billion People is a little bit more difficult There hasn’t been too many tv shows Outside of the game of thrones that Actually has a billion uh viewers on it And so for us uh that became the prize

And we just literally started to Mobilize our our audience Um we also got to be number one in the Box office like we actually did a little Christmas special we did a little Private screening we blew out records of The the biggest private screening ever And then we opened it up uh pretty much To uh About 3 200 theaters and we actually Were number one in the box office and Then we got beat out by Just a little film called spider-man but Just a little you know but but we were Number two after that but [Laughter] But um we’re now about 100 million uh Viewers so we’re we’re a tenth of the Way there and and uh we’re just getting Ready to amplify it i’m really excited About the plans that we have for really Globalizing it the right way so we’re Really excited so cool um it’s been Initially i’ve had friends who were not Christian who decided to watch it Because they knew you were a marketer Like oh watch it because i know daryl And um and it’s been amazing like i Think it doesn’t matter where what your Beliefs are you watch that show man and It it changed you guys did such a Like an amazing job with it like i know It inner circle you talk about your Goals like how do you make a jesus

That’s relatable that people can connect With and um it’s crazy it’s supposed to Wash it by the way your homework Assignment is to go watch all the Seasons of the chosen prior to fun That’s a good idea But it’s amazing because if you look at Like the and i know you know this but For everyone else like The uh the person who plays christ is Like such an amazing person but then Like the first season is like this Gathering where he’s going and he’s Getting into the apostles and you see This and and i i relate this so much Because like everything we do in life we Have that right in my business like i Had a gathering i met todd and i met Dave and i met these different people And we like together to like just to Create this mission and like i see so Much so many pieces of that in the in The journey like it’s you know christ is Like the ultimate hero’s journey if you Map like his entire thing it syncs with The hero’s journey better than any story Ever which is the story that we’re going Through and so we’re taking our people Through and like like from storytelling It’s second to none but um also just Help with your faith as well so all Right so i’m like geeking out Home on Live is like 48 days away you’re coming

To speak about all the stuff let me Throw up the band rats for those who Don’t have their tickets yet um Oops wrong lauren banner there it is Like there’s the Link to come uh come hang out with daryl And i and you’re speaking day number one Talking about youtube trying to create Movements you’re gonna be showing me Behind the scenes of all these like the Things that you’re doing and and give People away where it’s replicatable they Can do it as well right but maybe i Shouldn’t be telling people you’re Talking about you wanna talk about what You’re gonna be talking about yeah yeah For sure so for me it’s all about Creating organic movements and then Really supplementing it the right way uh With ads to get your your brand out There and so we’re gonna show you all The strategies you need to know all the Things you should surround yourself by And really consider And uh this is a proven formula i Actually wrote a best-selling book Called the youtube formula it’s it’s Going to take it on a deeper There we go like strategic if we Replaced right But um but i’m going to literally break It down and i just want everyone to know Like when russell and and and the team Started uh click funnels i was in the

Beta program so i’ve been in the Ecosystem since day one and a lot of the Things that they were doing from day one Of creating more of a community around a Product um is what we’re gonna talk About we’re gonna get a little granular On how you can do that for you and so You don’t wanna miss it uh it’s it’s Definitely worth it and i can tell you Uh preparing for this i’ve been working With people that have been using click Funnels and integrated quite well and Pulling out all their questions and it Made my presentation a lot more powerful For you and very specific for how to get You to succeed with your goals so i’m Really excited about that because my Ultimate mission russell is actually to To facilitate um people to amplify light In the world um you know i spend a Little bit of my week really trying to Motivate the right people to make the Right type of impact and so that’s kind Of a huge goal for me um that’s what i’m Able to do with the chosen is like Amplify dallas and help him in in Specific ways and i want to do it for Those that are attending because some of The best people i’ve ever met uh was at Your conference and i’ll be honest with You um i’ve seen a lot of lives change And i can’t wait to change their their Whole perspective On on how to approach things outside of

Just buying an ad You know more about content and more About organic and you’ll be Amazed at some of the cases they show um Of how to do it the right way and when To apply it and so Can’t wait um it’s going to be an Amazing thing you got to get your Tickets right now because this one is One you don’t want to miss guaranteed ah So cool so cool um do you have any Speaker bonuses to throw and help push People over the edge they’re like Yeah no for me uh speaker bonus this is Probably the biggest one um we wanted to Go through of how to get started on Youtube all the equipment that you need To buy Everything that you need to do to set up Your youtube channel and then i get very Specific just and this is only for People that understand click funnels and Funnels and so on and so forth Entrepreneurs and stuff we get very very Granular of the do’s and don’ts and some Of the biggest mistakes that the biggest Uh gurus even come on when they come Onto youtube they make and we don’t want You to make those mistakes we want you To do the right type of approach and Then we’re gonna get really really Granular On Myron golden’s

Case study and just show you exactly What he was doing and so That’s a huge bonus because i can’t Cover all that in 30 minutes on stage But i can in that bonus section so you Definitely want to do and i can Guarantee you the price of the ticket That you’re getting for uh the event um Would be worth what you’re getting here From me so i’m really excited about that Oh so cool thank you for throwing that In so everybody uh go get your tickets and all the Bonuses that will be in the members There if you don’t have your ticket yeah If you have your ticket just go to the Log members log in we’ll put all the Details for in there and uh man i’m so Excited to be hanging out with you in Like less than two months which is crazy Uh it’s gonna be it’s gonna be awesome How many play buttons you have behind You there Um let’s see we got we got about Uh 12 here and another 20 over there but yeah it’s we’re we’re Counting them up it’s not as many it’s Not as many as you have as the you know Your your two comma club awards those Are harder than getting two comma club Awards just you guys know at least for In my experience like i i’ve killed Myself when we finally got one we were Doing most of our youtube wrong though

So you’ve been helping us to fix uh to Do it correctly i’m like hey i wish i Would have known this stuff like That that would have saved me insane Amounts of headaches anyway but uh That’s so cool thank you daryl Appreciate you appreciate your mission In the world what you’re doing uh you’ve Changed my life my kids lives my family And uh i’m excited for you to have a Chance to share what you do with uh all Of our people fun hiking live it’s gonna Be awesome if you don’t ever take it Yeah you guys are 48 days away room Blocks almost sold out which means if You don’t get your ticket asap you’re Gonna be sleeping in some other weird Hotel you’re gonna take an uber back and Forth you’re gonna miss all the late Night parties early morning parties all The other stuff so go get your tickets Asap plus i think next week i believe The speaker bonuses all disappearing Which means you don’t even take it by Next week daryl’s bonus everybody else’s Bonuses are all gone and so now is the Time to get your tickets If you don’t know what funnel hacking Live is go to watch The video at the top of the page and Like imagine yourself sitting in that Room and the energy and the like what’s Happening and just realize that you

Could be in that spot in uh 48 days from Now with all of us hanging out uh Changing your life so make sure your Tickets thank you daryl thank you Everybody and we’ll see you guys at Funnel hacking live in 48 days Thanks man

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