Kartra Vs ClickFunnels (Quick ClickFunnels Kartra Comparison)

Hello and welcome to my video comparison Of kartra versus clickfunnels now in my Opinion these are two of the best sales Funnel builders that you can choose from They’re absolutely premium they come With a lot of great features they’ve Been around for a long time they’ve Stood the test of time so the good thing Right away is that regardless of which One you go with you’re going to be Making a great choice to begin let’s Start with kartra now like i said i’ve Done a lot of demoing and reviewing so I’m not going to go like too deep into It rather just give you the reasons why You might want to use each starting off With karcher they are similar to click Funnels they do offer a 14-day trial i Will put a link down below in case you’d Like to try out karcher keep in mind That’s going to be one dollar now how They differ from click funnels in my Opinion is that they are actually a true All-in-one platform kind of everything That clickfunnels has kartra has and Does a little bit more for example you Can expect to have all your landing Pages your membership sites your sales Funnels your email marketing and so on And so forth but carter does have a leg Up when it comes to a few more features That you might not find on clickfunnels For example karcher features video Hosting which is something that.

Clickfunnels doesn’t this is a nice Little extra especially for the fact if You’re doing memberships or you use a Lot of videos you can just upload them Straight to kartra as opposed to using a Third-party service like vimeo or wistia On the other hand they also have help Desks this is also a very big leg up on Click funnels especially if you’re Looking to be selling any type of Courses products ebooks and so on and so Forth with the ability to use help desk You get the option of using skype you Can call on phone you can use live chat You can use ticketing or you can use a Few of those if you want which is Extremely helpful especially for the Fact you won’t be needing to get like Freshdesk or something else aside from That cartridge is also great for the Fact they have calendars this is another Feature that clickfunnels doesn’t have This is great if you’re a coach or Consultant you want to book some Interviews sometimes some sessions or Maybe you’re a gym you’re an offline Business and you just need calendars in General so those are a few features that Click funnels doesn’t have if you’re Looking to utilize those you might want To go towards car charge just to save You a little bit of ease and not needing To get other software also when it comes To cartridge click funnels i do have to

Say kartra memberships is just Absolutely marvelous they’re seamless They’re pretty simple to use they Utilize the same landing page editor or Drag and drop editor that you would use For a landing page for a membership site For a website for a blog so once you get The hang of it it’s going to be pretty Easy to figure out there’s plenty of Bells whistles and perks in my opinion Click funnels is kind of weak when it Comes to their memberships i love them But i’d say that’s the one area where They need a lot of improvement so If you are looking for you know a Membership site we can create courses Sell them with upsells check out pages Utilize help desks in the process Cartridge is most certainly going to be For you so kind of in a nutshell if You’re looking for more features and Overall a marvelous membership area Section where you can sell your courses Have help desk and so on and so forth Cartridge is most likely going to be for You now keep in mind they start at a Similar price to click funnels they Start off at 99 per month click funnels Is seven dollars per month which i’ll Show you quickly uh silver goes to 199 a Month and this is really going to be Where all the value is so if we’re going To compare these two plans to click Funnels

Like i said very similar when it starts To getting started however the platinum I do have to say cartridge silver is Going to be so much more valuable aside From the fact that it’s going to be a Hundred dollars less per month look at The value here so instead of only Getting one custom domain 15 000 emails A month 50 gigs 100 pages 50 videos and So on and so forth you get more leads Three custom domains but you get Unlimited emails banned with pages Videos products membership sites team Members help desk and of course you get The cartridge agency feature so kartra Is also going to have the leg up in my Opinion if you’re looking for a higher Price plan because i believe that the Silver plan here is going to be much Better than the platinum plan which Allows for backpack which is their Affiliate tool and of course follow-up Funnels which is going to be their email Marketing platform so those are a lot of The reasons why you might want to use Kartra i’ll put a link down below once Again they do have a 14-day trial it Does cost a dollar on the other hand Click funnels is probably one of the Biggest pioneers when it comes to sales Funnels they’ve been around for so long They came out a little bit before kartra And as they talk about quickly create Beautiful sales funnels that convert

Your visitors into leads and then Customers one of the biggest benefits in My opinion when it comes to click Funnels aside from the fact that they’ve Been out for so long they put a lot of Money into their software they made so Many changes that overall it’s a much Simpler software to grasp especially When it comes to creating your landing Pages and sales funnels everything is All in one section where you can change Around the steps how you want to do it Heck you could do a landing page you Could do a thank you page going into a Sales letter a checkout page adding Order bumps turning that into Memberships and even adding webinars all In one section where you have all these Steps and you just got to drag and drop Them move them around kartra on the Other hand like i said is a little bit More powerful and with that they’re Going to have a little bit more of a Learning curve which is fine that’s kind Of what you get when you get a lot of Powerful features in an all-in-one Platform so overall if you’re looking For a software that’s a little bit more Simpler you’ll probably want to go with Click funnels with that there’s a little Less learning curve and the cool thing Also about click funnels is that you can Actually attach a third-party email Marketing software if you want so like

Aweber get response convertkit things Like that cartridge is all in one so They have their own email marketing Embedded into that so if you are Hell-bent on using a third-party Autoresponder you can do that you can Connect it with click funnels and go From there so those are some of the Biggest reasons why you might want to Use click funnels overall simplicity and Ease of use and also keep in mind at the Time that i’m recording this they are Working on a click funnels 2.0 so they Are going to have a lot of improvements And from what i saw they are really Working on their membership site area Which in my opinion was a weakness i Think a lot of people might have felt That way it was kind of too basic it got The job done but definitely needs Improvement so if you’re looking forward To a really big improvement on click Funnels you know that’s also something To keep in mind once again i will put a Link for them down below they come with A free 14-day trial so all in all that Concludes the talk when it comes to Click funnels versus karcher they’re Both very powerful and they’re both very Capable of helping you build and grow Your online business it just really Depends on what you’re most specifically Looking for in terms of the price the Plans the value and of course the

Features thank you so much for watching If you have any questions feel free to Leave a comment down below i will also Put links to each of these reviews down Deeper into the description in case you Want more details specifically about how These sales funnel builders work you can See me demo them and of course get a Good feel for what the features have or Of course you could always test them out With the trial links in the description As well thanks again so much for Watching i hope you got some value out Of this and i’ll see you in my next Video.

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Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.  I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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