Lead Generation Funnels Overview in ClickFunnels 2.0

Foreign [Music] Education welcome to click guides your Guide to using the funnel hackers Cookbook with clickfunnels 2.0 The funnel hackers cookbook is a guide To using several common funnel templates To accomplish goals of gaining new Contacts and selling products working With the recipes in your clickfunnels Account the funnel hackers cookbook gets You from learning the tools to achieving Your goals You can get a free copy of the funnel Hackers cookbook at Funnelhackerscookbook.com In this video we're going to discuss Lead generation funnels A lead generation funnel encourages People who are interested in the product Or idea that you are sharing to give you Their contact information sometimes in Exchange for a giveaway and sometimes Because you've inspired their curiosity You can then turn a lead into a contact By following up with them and providing More information potentially turning Them into a customer or a member of your Regular audience Lead generation is important because it Helps you to build your brand it can be The basis for later sales Having a list of potential leads who Have specifically opted in to receive

Your emails lets you advertise more Effectively There are several different types of Lead generation funnels but they Typically have two different steps an Opt-in step where someone opts in to Receive your funnel follow-up emails or Advertising and a thank you step Where you thank the new lead for opting In These page types can take a number of Different forms but feel the same Purposes in a lead generation funnel A lead generation funnel is fairly Simple to put together and to be a great First project for your new click funnels Adventure Lead generation can let you share a Variety of different projects with your Audience and help get people excited About your brand and ideas it can also Help you to get some additional Information about your contacts to help You determine which customers are right For your business Using this information you can Target Your advertising making more successful Conversions by making sure the right Product is advertised to the Right Audience Lead generation won't directly sell Products but can help you make the sales That direct sales funnels might not Provide you

It could also help jumpstart future Projects by giving you a list of Potential contacts who have already Expressed interest That's all for now check out other Videos in the click Guide Series for More funnel hacker cookbook information

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