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LeadPages Review 2022 (Best Features) LeadPages Pros And Cons

Hello and welcome to my leadpages review Where i’m going to be going over many of The pros and cons when it comes to this Landing page builder that’s been around For a good amount of time now in fact They’ve been around so long they’ve made A lot of great improvements which i Think you’re going to like as i kind of Dive deeper into some of their best Features that they have to offer first And foremost let’s talk about their Landing pages if you’re looking to Create landing pages that’s what Leadpages is all about given their name Of course first thing right off the bat I love the fact that they have a good Variety of templates as you can see i Can scroll down much farther there’s Going to be more but Oops let me go back up what i like the Most is that they are perfect for Generating leads i’ve looked at a lot of Landing page builders and as you can see The main goals here is just generate Leads like that’s what you want that’s What you’re gonna get another great Aspect here is that they actually sorted By conversion rate if you want could be Most popular or the newest now if you Look at something here something i talk About so much that leadpages has down Really well The best converting ones are the Simplest if you look at these right off

The bat it’s kind of a couple tips for You as well you’ll notice that Everything’s above the fold it’s very Simple the person doesn’t have to scroll Up or down the action is very easy to See as you can see all the buttons here And that’s gonna make for much higher Conversions i mean look at this super Basic squeeze page absolutely like Anyone could put that together but you Know what it converts very highly as They’ve seen and i’ll show you another Way of knowing that anyway let’s just go To this one one of the best ones let’s Click on start building i’m going to Give it a name okay click on continue so If you look at this everything is pretty Much above the fold you might have to Scroll down a little but you’re not Looking at two or three pages here like When someone arrives on this this is Basically what they’re going to be Seeing and it’s so easy for them to opt In you know ready to get your free guide You can have your ebook here obviously Change around your text your tips Another great thing here in case you’re Not super experienced when it comes to Creating landing pages the lead meter And this is something i completely agree With the more uh check box you knock off When it comes to this chances are it’s Going to convert much higher so it says Fewer than three videos fewer than two

Videos countdown window is brief a Button is easily readable right cta has Fewer than 24 characters cta text drives Action uh bullet list is concise and so On and so forth this is pretty much Everything i talk about and i love that They have that building built into their Landing page builder not too many have That which is always cool there’s always The option for expert feedback which is Much newer i haven’t utilized this but It’s also great in case you’re not too Familiar with landing pages it says now You can get an in-depth advice and Custom feedback from our conversion Marketing experts in just two business Days so If you have some doubts any questions That’s also something really cool that You can do now when it comes to their Landing page builder they’ve always been Pretty simple in fact when they many Years when they came back i thought i Just kind of like them but overall They’ve made it a much better process They have improved it which i like one Thing in terms of pros and cons i Wouldn’t say it’s a true drag and drop Builder and i talk about this all the Time when i’m doing landing page Builders If something is true drag and drop as i Like to refer to it as doesn’t make Leadpages bad what you can do is you can

Take this and move it anywhere you want On the page you’ll notice how i’m kind Of restricted towards that So you can go drop here drop here drop Here or here so while it’s not that bad It makes it much easier for you to put It where you need to go i like that true Free range of motion where i could just Take this and drag it right here if i Wanted to in that spot and then maybe Move this over to that spot and so on And so forth so so overall while it’s Not the worst thing in the world i would Prefer the fact if i had a little bit More freedom with the drag and drop Ability either way it’s still going to Be very easy to edit you know edit your Text here anytime you double click Something a lot of the rest is going to Be standard when it comes to using any Other type of landing page builder it’s More on click on it edit it change it do Whatever you want to do you know edit Image this is where you can add from a Link or create your own if you need help When it comes to the layouts and Sections you click on each of these Sections sections is a cool one you can Actually drop these these are A couple landing page builders have been Picking up on this but like if you Wanted to add this in here let me just Scroll down There we go drop here obviously you

Can’t drop it in the middle but Something like that is something that You can do there’s also the back button Thank god i love that landing page Builders now have this overall it’s kind Of like what you see is what you get Whatever you have here double click on It edit change it around my advice is to Pick a landing page template that’s Going to be very similar to what you Want to do that means you’re going to Have less work to do you’re not going to Have to drag and drop too many things You’re not even going to have to make Too many edits and of course you can Help keep the lead meter up in terms of The rating to help you get more Conversions and of course if you’re Looking to increase your conversions Even more the split test feature is very Easy to use so i had published a landing Page called lander a so i’m going to use This as the control this is going to be The main page And aside from that we’re going to need To create a variation or just choose one So click on add a variation now what you Can do is either copy this page and make A change or just if i had already done That i would click on choose a different Page so i’m going to go to b And we have those so let’s click next We want to even normally you do want to Do that just to see what’s going to get

The best conversions click on next And just like that looks like you’re all Set that’s as easy it is to create a Split test i know i didn’t get in there And get to show you how to like change Around the headline but you know how to Do that and to just give you one tip you Usually want to change around one thing It’s probably going to be the headline On your leadpage landing page Specifically because that comes with the Biggest benefit and that’s what usually Is going to allow the most amount of People to opt in that’s of course Something you can test out aside from That leadpages does have the ability to Help create websites while i am not big On this it is a nice feature if that’s Something extra you’re looking to look For and kind of get started with once Again very similar to their landing Pages you can go by conversion rate most Popular or newest but it actually works In the same exact way when it comes to Creating landing pages so let’s go to This one give it a name called website And continue and as you can see it’s Going to be the same like landing page Editor so that’s the cool thing i like That whenever someone has different Types of features but they use the same Builder so when it comes to the websites The landing pages and a few other Features when i’m going to show you

You’re going to be looking at the same Thing so you get your pages your layout Your section your widgets your styles And your settings and of course very Similar to bor before if you want to Change anything obviously you know Double click change it drag it around You’re not going to have that super Crazy range of motion like i said if you Drag this it’s going to tell you exactly Where you can put it it would be cool if You could just put it anywhere you want But it’s going to be a little bit Limited in terms of creating your Landing pages another great feature that Comes with this is going to be the Pop-up builder and once again the bar Builder these are great when it comes to Increasing your conversions these are Going to be like where can we send your Free guide if they click on a button and Something pops up i’ve known that this Can really help increase your Conversions because it’s kind of like a Micro continuity if someone clicks on a Button they are more opted to opt in of The optin that’s a funny way of saying That given the fact that they’ve already Made connection and this is going to be The final part of it however i believe These are going to be slightly limited In terms of pros and cons i would like For these to be a little bit more In-depth especially when it comes to the

Bar if you look at it they have a few Layouts like you click on this one it’s Going to change your layout They have this one and they have this One they are all pretty simple pretty Basic not too bad but i’d like if they Had a little bit more templates Something more for you to play around With it’s pretty much just editing the Text the color the button of course Where it goes you can click on it here Change it around and go from there so Those are some of the best features when It comes to lead pages but they do have Quite a few more things going on for Them let’s take a look at the pricing so This is going to be with monthly if you Pay yearly as always you save more but Standard isn’t too bad it’s only going To be 49 per month with that you get one Website but you do get an unlimited Amount of landing pages pop-ups alert Bars and of course unlimited traffic and Leads so you don’t have to worry as you Grow you’re not going to be you know Charged more for more conversions like Some other landing page builders might Do Free hosting mobile responsive Integrations tech support and one-on-one Quick start call once you upgrade you Will get a few more things like online Sales and payments and of course the Unlimited a b split testing that’s going

To be with the pro ones so is leadpages Worth it yeah i think if you’re looking For a lighter weight landing page Builder 49 dollars per month just Getting started is a pretty great price Especially when you consider the fact You get unlimited landing pages pop-ups Alert bars unlimited traffic and leads If you’re looking to have a website yeah You get one with that which isn’t too Bad as well the pros definitely far Outweigh the cons like there’s a few Nitpicking things i talked about like it Would be cool if you could you had more Freedom in terms of the drag and drop Builder we could put it wherever you Want either way it’s still going to be Pretty easy to figure out i recommend Going with the template that you like Changing it around so that you don’t Have to make a ton of edits and then you Can go from there plus i really like the Lead meter aspect it’s a great way to Give you confidence when it comes to Creating and getting up and running with Your lead pages plus you can sort by Highest converting which as you can see It’s usually going to be the simplest One all in all if this is one of those Landing page builders where if you have Any interest in it definitely give it a Try see how you like it they do come With a free trial i will put a link down Below where you can get started today

That’s about it and that concludes my Lead pages review thank you so much for Watching if you have any questions feel Free to leave a comment down below and If not i’ll see you in my next video.

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