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By the end of this video you're going to Have a complete 14 step plan to help you Get to where you're making one thousand Dollars per day as a web designer now When I started as a web designer back in 2018 I was freelancing and I made about Fourteen thousand dollars in that first Year which ended up being about a Thousand dollars per month or a little Bit more the following year I was able To make sixty seven thousand dollars Which ended up being about a thousand Dollars per week and now just five years Later I'm making well over one thousand Dollars per day and so in this video I'm Gonna break down everything that you Need to do to get to that point because For me it took about five years however If you follow this exact business plan I Truly believe that you can get there in Just 18 months or less so here's what You need to do the first and most Obvious thing is you have to learn web Design so if you don't know how to Design websites or you're still just Early on in the process you're not super Confident in it yet there are a ton of Free resources out there inside of this Business plan I will continually be Adding free training videos that you can Watch to hone in your skills as a web Designer I also recommend a couple of The free courses that I'll have in this Business plan including one by my friend

Ron Segal it's free on YouTube and it's Going to break down everything that you Need to know from what is web design to How to do it how to get started and how To become an expert so I highly Recommend going through these to make Sure that you understand how to be a web Designer the next thing that you need to Do is establish your business now this Is usually the step that most people get Hung up on because they worry about Their portfolio and all of the Legalities including taxes and llc's and All of these different things don't Worry about this to get started what You're going to want to do is just Choose a business name don't overthink It you can see that my business name I Just named it after myself because I had No ideas and this stuck and it's been Just fine for me so don't overthink These things don't worry about setting Up all of your business business Entities at first all that can become Really overwhelming and really isn't Worth it until you really get the ball Rolling so make a couple of these quick Simple decisions based on what your Business is going to be what services You offer get a quick landing page out There instead of some big portfolio and Then just start looking for your first Client now I've got a couple videos on This as well to help you get your

Starter kit including what tools you Need what resources you need this is Going to get everything right at your Fingertips so you know how to get your Business established the third thing That you need to do is you need to Determine your pricing what are you Going to charge for your next web design Project this is always really difficult To determine especially when it's your First project and you have no clue where To even start do I charge a hundred Dollars do I charge ten thousand dollars And this is an understandable concern so What I've done is I've added a couple Videos inside this roadmap that you can Watch to know exactly where you can get Started and remember don't be afraid to Under charge for your early projects I Would say never do them for free but It's okay to discharge a little bit to Get those projects under your belt and Then of course over time you're going to Raise those rates until you get to the Point where you're charging 10 20 50 000 Per website and you can get there the Fourth step is probably the biggest Roadblock for all web designers and that Is finding your first client this can be Scary it can be intimidating and you're Probably wondering where the heck do I Even look I don't have a lot of Experience who's going to want to work With me and this is the Imposter

Syndrome that you're feeling and this is Very very normal in fact we all feel it And what you need to do is you need to Push through this and start putting in The work to find your first client and It doesn't have to be some Fortune 500 Company this first client can be from a Family a friend a co-worker Somebody Went to school with it can be one of Their side projects or a startup it Doesn't need to be huge but reach out to Those people close to you and see if you Can't land that first project now Finding clients can be difficult so I Added a ton of videos inside your Roadmap here that you can watch to get Good ideas on where to look how to do Outreach how to manage sales Conversations everything that you need Is going to be found inside these videos So dive in and start watching them the Fifth step is you need to make sure that You're delivering a plus work now don't Stress this because early on in your Career you're not going to be great You're never going to design the perfect Website and that's okay that's not what I'm asking but what you do need to make Sure that you do is set good Expectations and then over deliver make Sure that you go the extra mile for your Clients because nothing can kill your Career faster than a bad reputation so Being dishonest cutting corners or under

Delivering is immediately going to Result in bad reviews and people talking Poorly about you and your business and It's going to make it really really Difficult for you to scale not only that If you don't truly believe in the work That you're selling and you don't truly Believe that you're doing your best work It's going to be really difficult to Have the confidence to go out and sell More of your services and so do a good Job and don't worry about not being Perfect as long as you do your best your Work is going to increase in quality Over time and with that so are your Prices now step number six is going to Be absolutely critical in order for you To take the next step as a professional Web designer so often people aren't Willing to invest in themselves or in Their skills or to build relationships And this just stunts your growth now I Do understand that paying for a mentor Or buying online courses can be really Really expensive but it is definitely Worth it now what we've done is we have Built a monthly Community where you get Live trainings from industry experts you Get access to all of our resources to Run your business so templates Checklists you also get to participate In monthly design competitions to win Prizes and get feedback on your work Literally everything that you need to

Prepare rest and improve as a web Designer is included in this program now This program is called Paint Pro and It's just 47 bucks a month and so it's a Very small investment but I have a 100 Guarantee that if you don't absolutely Love it and if it doesn't change your Career for the better you just shoot me A message and I will refund all of your Money I'm so certain that this will be The best way for you to invest and Progress that I'm willing to make that Promise to you so come join us inside All right so step number seven is you've Got to start showing your work now that You're starting to build a pretty good Portfolio of work you need to make sure That more people are seeing it so people Can understand how good you are at what You do now this can be difficult and it Can be scary but there are some pretty Easy ways to get your work out there so More people can see it and luckily for Us as designers there are even more Social platforms for us to use and Capitalize on so that we can get more Eyes on our work so I've got a video Right here that you can watch about my Friend Jacob and how he used dribble and Posted his work there here and how that Helped him land a multiple six-figure Design job now step number eight is We're going to revisit your portfolio Now that you've gotten some good

Projects under your belt you can start Creating case studies working on your Messaging your branding and this is Really fun but it also can get Overwhelming so remember Rome wasn't Built in a day and I've never seen a Great portfolio that was built in a day Or a week or even a month it's going to Take time but over time you're going to Grow this portfolio and when people land On their portfolio they're going to be Blown away and they're going to want to Hire you now I've got a lot of tips Throughout my YouTube channel about how You can optimize your portfolio I also Just recently gave a training inside Pay Pro about how to create the perfect Portfolio so if you're interested in any Of these I'll make sure to drop the link Inside your business plan step number Nine is you have to add complementary Services to your Design Services there Are a ton of great ways that you can Learn a new skill and then attach that To your Design Services that you're Already offering to make way more money And even more importantly to bring more Value to your clients and employers so There are a lot of different options out There for me I offer SEO and Occasionally ad management you can also Do social media monthly maintenance There are a ton of other options out There and the best part is you can learn

All of these things free on YouTube so Decide what you're interested in start Learning it and then reach out to your Past clients and start offering those Services now I definitely recommend Choosing services that you can charge For on a recurring basis so you get paid Every single month for offering these Services but there are also other Services that are a really great Complement to design that might not be Recurring offering site migrations is a Really good example of this this is Something that we offer and just by Offering site migrations to every client Of ours we typically can charge an Additional three to six thousand dollars For each migration so consider what type Of services you would like to add to Your business step number 10 is you have To start raising your rates on every Single project now for me I sold my my First project for just a few hundred Dollars but now my average project rate Is well over ten thousand dollars per Website now this might seem like an Astronomical amount of money to charge And that's okay you're going to get There and you're going to build up to That but I've added a couple videos in Here that you can watch that talk about The difference between websites worth a Couple hundred dollars and websites Worth a couple thousand dollars and

These videos are going to help you Understand how you can put more value Into those websites and charge more for Them now step number 11 is something That a lot of designers never get around To doing and it's crazy to me because This is by far the most important step In terms of increasing the amount of Money that you can make and that is Building your brand and building Exposure around that brand the Interesting thing is most web designers Just stick to doing client work or Working as an employee but the way that You can make the most money as a Designer is building a brand and start Putting out content and you're going to Make this transition from being just a Freelancer to two being a content Creator and potentially a course creator And creating memberships and creating Tools and selling resources and Templates and all of these are different Ways for you to monetize your skills as A web designer and it all starts with Building your own brand on top of that If you have your own brand and you're Putting content out on YouTube and other Social media potential clients are going To find you and they're going to Revere You as an expert so if you're at this Point and you're wondering how can I Make more money now is the time to focus On your brand and on the content that

You're putting out to the world I also Love this other video by Vanessa Lau Where she talks to you about how you can Feel more comfortable in front of the Camera and how you can become a great Content creator I also am going to Include a list of all of the tools that I would recommend to be able to get Started creating videos and different Pieces of content for really really Cheap now step number 12 is learn how to Spend your money we don't want to just Spend all the money we're making you Have to look for good ways to to invest Now the most important and best way for You to invest your money is back into Yourself once you have your basic needs For Life covered you want to take any Extra money that you have and you want To start investing in the tools that you Use and in hiring a team and your Education for yourself and your team all These things are going to help you Progress and it's going to make you a Better option for potential prospects so Make sure you invest in yourself and Then after that look for ways to invest Back into your business whether that's Running ads or creating new tools or Resources and then once you get past Your business you can look for more Traditional ways to invest your money Whether that is stocks and bonds I like To invest in the S P 500 because it

Doesn't take a lot of brain power to Make those Investments I also have Invested in real estate and that's been A great way to put my money in a place Where I know it's working for me so be Smart with your money learn how best to Spend and invest your money and that's Going to make it a lot easier for you to Make money in different waste other than Just servicing clients now if you're Looking for a good book about this I Absolutely love the book I will teach You to be rich in fact it's up here on My shelf and it is a book that I've read Several times and it's made a massive Impact in my financial stability so go Ahead and check it out step number 13 is Start to think like an entrepreneur Rather than just a designer now this is Something that can be really difficult And it can take time to change your Mindset so what I've done is I've added A massive list inside of this business Plan of links to all of the individual YouTube channels that have made the Biggest impact for me on my mindset and Turning me into more of an entrepreneur And giving me that business mindset so Go ahead and check out these links I'm Not affiliated with any of these Channels I get no Kickback from these I'm purely recommending these because They're ones that have changed my life And the final step step number 14 is be

Consistent and be patient a lot of times People give up right before they're About to strike gold right before you're About to have that big break or land That big job or that big client and so Be patient and do the things that you Know will work everything in this Business plan works and I promise you That it'll work because it's worked for Me this is exactly what I did but it is Going to take time so if it doesn't Happen within that 18 months that's okay Stick with it because I truly believe That if you commit to anything for a Long period of time you will Master it You'll become an expert at it and you Can make big big money from that so this Is your 14-step business plan and There's going to be a lot more once you Go and actually download the entire Business plan and like I said I'm going To be continually adding links to this Business plan so you have free resources And the best roadmap for what it is that You need to do to reach the point where You're making one thousand dollars per Day as a web designer so if you found Any value in this video please be sure To hit the like button because that Helps more people find this video and if You did like this video please consider Subscribing and hitting that little bell So you get notified every time I make a New video just like this one and again

If you're interested in joining our Private training Community paint Pro be Sure to click the link down below and we Would love to see you inside thanks for Watching and we'll catch you in the next Video

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