Many of you have been wondering what’s been going on with LadyBoss… well, HERE’S THE ANSWER!

If you look at the lady boss business And brand it was probably the business Encapsulated all of our core trading the Best right if you look secret Expert Seekers traffic secrets and how They took this business and and grew it From being a literal startup to they Ended up becoming number four on the Inc 500 fastest growing companies number one For the fastest growing consumer product Company and so for me it was like I had A sense of Pride like I was so proud of Them they're like by star students but Also like they went out there and Innovated so many things they had tried To sell a company and at one point it Didn't really work out and you know About times when all the algorithm Changes with Facebook and iOS all the Things and unbeknownst to me uh Brandon And Caitlin had made a decision to just Shut down ladyboss and I remember Reading email I was like what in the World part of me is like I feel like a Parrot or dad or whatever like this is My baby's and it's like going away and I Had a bunch of friends in the female Fitness space like you should buy I say Coming off they have an email that's Like 1.4 million women 700 000 customers had bought like ladyboss Lean and I had to stop not that I don't Think I even wanted to buy at that point Yet but I was more so like what would

You actually sell right I should be able To find somebody can buy this and so I Texted Brandon I'm like how much would You actually sell this for and he told Me the number I was like Holy crap I might actually be interested in buying That I bought lady boss

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