Mark Zuckerberg didn’t have side hustles

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Mark Zuckerberg didn't have side hustles If you do one thing and you do it right And you do it all the way you can get as Big as you want a friend of mine has a Wife who's really popular she he runs All their businesses and they have Literally 60 businesses he has an Excel Sheet to keep track of all the Businesses and I think they make about Total between everything maybe eight Figures a year we're having this long Conversation and I just said if there Were a magic wand and you could snap Your fingers and eliminate all Businesses but one how easy do you think It'd be to grow that business he was Like oh my God it would be so easy to Grow that to like 30 or 50 million I was Like then why don't you do that and he Said that that question messed with him For an entire year and he has since that Conversation shut down business after Business after business after business So that you could focus on the one that He thought was the biggest opportunity

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