Marketing Settings in ClickFunnels 2.0

Learn “Marketing Settings in ClickFunnels 2.0”.

Hello my name is Robert with the Education team and in today’s video I’m Going to talk about marketing settings After completing the course you’ll be Able to answer the following questions First how can configuring my marketing Settings help me to use my click funnels Account Second how can I access my marketing Settings And third how do I set up the marketing Settings in my account What you’ll need for this lesson are the Following first your click funnels 2.0 Account and second which is optional you May benefit from having completed the Module introduction to clickfunnels 2.0 So how can you preset your business Physical address and email settings for Marketing you can establish the Information you need to grow your Business using marketing settings This will let you establish these Settings in advance to focus on building The Branding in your email marketing Let’s first identify how we can reach The marketing dashboard from your Clickfunnels account On your left hand menu select marketing After clicking marketing select Marketing settings from the sub menu This will take you to your marketing

Dashboard where you can already see the Following options General settings email addresses and Topics Let’s first talk about the general Settings In the first section you can set up your Marketing contact address This address will be visible at the Bottom of the all emails to comply with Can spam regulations In the line of name and Company include Your business or company name Next to that Include your full business address this Should be a mailing address at which Your business can be reached In the next section you will have the Opportunity to include an unsubscribed Footer This footer will go out on every one of Your emails and allow a contact to Unsubscribe from your list International law requires that this Footer be present clear and not Misleading If left blank a default footer will Appear on each email The third section which is optional and Is available on higher tier accounts Will have the opportunity to select the Hide powered by branding toggle This switch allows high-level users to Deactivate The clickfunnels Branding on

Emails powered by click funnels The last section which is where you can Select the email addresses of your Account emails The from addresses should be a business Email address not from a free provider Such as Gmail or Hotmail The reply to addresses can be any email Addresses including a free provider Address Responses will go to the from address if You do not include a reply to address If you do not set up these the from Address will be a no reply powered by Click funnels When you’re satisfied with your settings Click on the save button at the bottom Right of your screen this will save the Changes that you have made Let’s now go to the next tab after General settings Scroll to the top of your page Then select email addresses On this new page you can use the search Bar to search for email addresses that You’ve already created You can also use the add email address Button to add a new email address You will see existing email addresses Listed below the search bar Go ahead and click the add email address To see the pop-up settings On the first input field add a nickname For your new email address this will

Only be viewable by you And you can use this nickname to search For this address On the second input field add in the Email address You can use a free email address for a Reply to emails however you must use a Business email address associated with a Domain you own as a sending address On the third and last field Add a name for your new email address This will be visible to the recipients Of your email When you’re finished click on add email Address This will save the new email address to Clickfunnels You can now use your new email address In the from and reply to Fields Mentioned earlier Let us now talk about the last final tab Which is topics Click topics to the right of email Addresses On the new page you can use the search Bar to search for topics you’ve already Created You can also use the create topic to add A new topic And lastly you will see existing topics Listed below the search bar Go ahead and click the create a topic Button on your right side This will open a new pop-up window with

The following fields The first input field is your topic name To categorize a topic The second input field is a brief Description that describes what sort of Emails should be included in this topic The last and final option when you’re Happy with your settings is the create Topic button Click this to save your settings Your next steps should be to edit your General marketing settings as described In this video Make sure you set up your business Address as this is required to send Emails Also set up your marketing email Set up a marketing email following the Steps in this video Lastly create a topic learn about Creating Topics by making one in your Settings Just recap Setting up your marketing settings lets You send emails faster By creating these settings for your Account you do not need to set them up Every time you send an email You can find marketing settings on the Sub menu of the marketing tab on the Left hand side of your screen and lastly You can set up general settings Marketing email addresses and topics Following the steps in this video

Thank you so much for watching this Video if you have any other questions About this video topic please feel free To reach out to our awesome customer Support team have a great day ahead.

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