Measure in decades not days

For all these people are hustling out There who are like I don't know when my Breakthrough is going to happen I don't Know when it's gonna happen either and I Think a lot of it just takes a change of Mindset to just saying like I just need To get better I think that a lot of it Has to come down to like how you're Measuring time and then how you see the Effort that you're putting in and so if You get good enough that breakthrough Happens eventually it's more real to me Now than it was when I made that video It's about measuring in decades not days And I don't say that as a patient's Platitude but I say that we have to Think about things that we'd be willing To do for a very long period of time so If you're not really willing to do the Thing that you're doing right now for a Very long period of time it probably Means that whatever it is doesn't Motivate you because it's not meaningful To you if you don't think of the Long-term thing as like a patient's Mantra but more so a I need alignment to What I really want to do Mantra that's What will give you the stick-to-it-ness To be able to go through the harder Times because nothing big happens Overnight it just takes time

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