Most people find life meaningless

You think a lot of people have that Where they're like what I'm doing is Meaningless I think everything's Meaningless and then we can just create Whatever meaning we choose to if we Don't believe in a capital M meeting Which a lot of people disagree with That's fine I think that's very freeing Because then you can create Little M Meaning for whatever you want and this Is kind of like the basis of nihilism Which people have like a very negative Viewpoint around which I'm not entirely Sure about why Capital meeting means That like this is the meaning of life Period for everyone whereas if we say That there is no single agreed upon Meaning of life and then people say well Then that is your big meaning of life And I'm like yes you're right I believe That there is no meaning and they're Like well then that is the capital then Sure that's my capital A meaning is that There is no meaning what's the Implication of that now that we have Meaning making machines in our brain we Get to create and Destroy meaning as we See fit

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