Most people in shape do this

Most of the guys that are have been in Shape for like almost all their lives Have simplified most things to just like Calories and protein and lift heavy Occasionally right which is more or less What we've tried to do you can be more Convenient same with money right I was Funny because we had this idea that came Out when we were talking to Stan I was Like I don't really trained that much Anymore he's like me neither he's like He's like our trainer like once a week Maybe you know and he's like it's crazy How little I have to do to like look the Way I do he said something like yeah Dude just enjoy the fruits of your labor And for some reason there was like a Spark that went off and I was like oh I Have a passive body right it's like Active income and passive income but Stored away enough active effort that Now you can maintain you know this Physique with like pretty passive effort Like I can still eat Twizzlers every day

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