Moving Past Approval

I I had massive insecurities about my Father's approval he said every decision That I had made was not a good decision After I decided to Veer off the path of The job and it was only when I had Literally made more money than he'd ever Made in his entire life that he said you Know you're going to want to hear this And he was like I'm sorry for saying That you shouldn't have done this he's Like but for the record if it had been 30 years ago when I was coming up I Would have been right and I remember Thinking to myself if I cared about your Opinion I wouldn't have done it I'd Break the sting of your approval when I Was literally on my balcony thinking About myself in my Consulting career Well if the alternative is death then I Can at least disappoint my father and That's why you probably often hear me Measure a lot of decisions against death Because it helps me gain perspective on What is important

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