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Buy a car that you can afford in cash And if you can't afford a car in cash Save up money to afford a car here's why You should never buy or lease a car we Should do instead is buy a car in cash Drive into the ground and still be able To sell it for five thousand dollars two Years later and drive it for free you Already have insurance and gas you don't Need anything else you can find a car For 10 grand in every city in America And a used car lot or just on Craigslist Those cars are available every day and So anyone even on minimum wage can save Enough money to get that car look at Something that's 10 plus years old from A reputable maker and you can search Online for the ones that have the lowest Repair cost per mile literally the only Reason to have a nice car is for Appearances I had a million dollars in My bank account and I still had a Prius With a dent in the side door and a crack In the windshield and when I pulled up To an event someone was like I thought You were supposed to be rich and I said You should look at my bank account not My car

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