Multiple Income Streams with Clickfunnels 2.0 in 2022

Hey guys welcome back to another video I’m excited today because i’m going to Give away a free clickfunnels 2.0 course As you guys know clickfunnels is just Around the corner it is about to launch And go from 1.0 to 2.0 i have you know More videos if you’re new here on the Channel but this one specifically i want To share my screen and show you this Free click funnels 2.0 mini course so uh There’s a link in the description you Can go and sign up for the waiting list And here’s why i’m doing this well let’s Just first go through the the page it Says as soon as clickfunnels 2.0 goes Live you’ll get a 100 free mini course That guides you through the editor the Platform the tech everything plus if You’re on the waiting list below i’m Going to show you how you can get my 37 Funnel templates for free as well the First templates for click funnels 2.0 Just insert your best email below so i Know where to send it so yes there’s a Way that you can also get 37 free funnel Templates 37 by the way people pay me Thousands to build funnels for them so If you can get the first ever available Templates for clickfunnels 2.0 for free You might want to check that out so just Sign up for the waiting list there and Everybody gets the free course the mini Course for cf 2.0 now here’s why i’m Doing this so i might or might not have

Access to some stuff that some people Don’t have as you guys know i’ve been Working with click funnels for a while As a client you know i’m blessed and i’m So lucky to have access to certain Things and so all i can say is if you Think that clickfunnels 1.0 is good or Maybe you don’t think that it’s that Good maybe you think that you love how Easy it is to build but you don’t like The load speed or you don’t like the Editor how fast it is well 2.0 is just You know I don’t know it’s it’s just I’ve heard it 10 times better so i’ll Just leave it at that but here’s what i Can tell you I can tell you how to prepare for Clickfunnels 2.0 i can tell you how to Prepare your marketing your products Your business the stuff that you’re Going to offer your audience your Customer you might be new you might not Have an online business so how can i Help you well the best way i can help You is provide you with different Options so five different ways that you Can make money with click funnels 2.0 Let’s dive into my computer again and go Over the first one well this is just one Of my affiliate income streams and i’ve Made 10 000 just by recommending this so Far and that this is uh not the latest One but this is a screenshot from the

Actual Platform and so 10 000 just from Recommending stuff that you’re using so This could be your email software it Could be calendly could be click funnels It could be all the softwares and Resources Of different online tools and if you’re Not sure what tools to use well i can Help you with that as well just sign up For the waiting list here and you’ll get First dibs on that in fact when you sign Up i’m gonna instantly send out Something for free so you don’t have to Wait for this to launch to get access to Some of this but that’s the first thing Is like affiliate income you know you Don’t have a product you don’t have a Service you’re basically the middleman So like you might have seen youtubers or People recommend stuff on amazon and They put a link in the description People go purchase on amazon they get You know a couple of i don’t know cents Or a dollar a couple of dollars Depending on the price of the product Well with software’s you get like 30 20 40 like click funnels pays 40 some People they pay 30 i think i mean that That’s a lot because you get the more People you get who start using click Funnels the more you make consistently Passive income every single month and so The second thing is obviously building

Funnels but i’m just going to talk about Funnel design and funnel copy and emails And everything that you could do within This funnel world i’m going to talk About don for you services so not for Your services could be let’s say that You’re a personal trainer with Done-for-you services you sit down you Ask a couple of questions from a person And you have this form on maybe click Funnels and you just get to know them More maybe jump on a call with them and You create something that’s custom to Them so this could be a custom workout Plan custom grocery list maybe you go to Shop groceries with them whatever it is For you It’s done for you services where you do It for them maybe even go shopping for Them and deliver it to them and so then We have them for you done with you and Then also do it yourself and i’m gonna Get to that in a second but basically The reason i say funnel design services Or funnel copy if you like to to write More is because with clickfunnels 2.0 There’s gonna be so many new people Coming into this space using the website Features the blog features the shopping Cart feature basically having their the Webshop on clickfunnels now instead of Just having the one product funnels and All that it’s just very beautiful the User interface on on click funnels 2.0

And so it’s nothing like click funnels Of 1.0 and you just have to find kind of What you like and add on top of your Done-for-you services because you now Use clickfunnels 2.0 because i’m going To give you funnel templates for free You can then start recommending that to Other people as well so in this Entrepreneur community if you have one Template that you give away or if you Have 10 doesn’t really matter you just Create this amazing offer that people Want and when you give it away people Start using it and they sign up to click Funnels with your link you’re good then Going to get you know percentage of that As an affiliate plus the done for you so Now you have Two income streams the third thing that You could do is uh what i’ve done here Which by the way i have to update this This page as well is create these Templates and sell them so this is great Because i’ve for example sold thousands Of funnel templates and a lot of those People buy other products or services as Well so some people recently bought my Course and then they wanted me to build A funnel for them some people buy my Templates and they go and launch their Business that’s great sometimes you get People who buy the the low ticket Product and then they ascend to the the Higher ticket because they want more

Access to you so now we have three Sources of income this is why i’m Telling you to to prepare now to up your Skills now like learn funnels now and be Some of the first people to use and i Really understand click funnels 2.0 and By the way for those of you hundreds of You are in full-time funnel designer my Ultimate flagship course and i’m going To also be adding a lot of this stuff With clickfunnels 2.0 in there for free Because you have lifetime access to that Course so just want to add the in there Which by the way is this which leads me To video trainings video tutorials Pre-made tools and courses so again no Matter what industry you’re in you can Sell online courses where you basically Create it once and then you help and Impact thousands of people’s lives or Millions of people’s lives so if you for Example have this facebook group or you Have a facebook profile or you have an Instagram account right now you have a Small audience With clickfunnels 2.0 you can have a Blog you can have a home page with Different smaller lower ticket offers Who sell automatically like even when You’re sleeping when you’re traveling You’re spending time doing other stuff And let me tell you if you’re used to Trading time for money That is one of the best feelings waking

Up and seeing fifty dollars waking up Seeing three hundred dollars eight Hundred dollars like it is very unique Is very different than you know working 16 hours days in a physically hard Like manual labor type of environment And trust me i’ve had 15 different jobs I know hard work even offline so it’s an Amazing thing we have with internet and Automated funnels so anyways now we have Four different income streams and now The final one which is the fifth one i Want to talk about this one because i Think it’s one of the easiest ways to Add a product to what you’re already Doing or or service and then i’m also Going to show you the two easiest ones That i believe that you can start doing Already today to start making money with Clickfunnels 1.0 and then as soon as you Get access to 2.0 you just transition And you add more income streams from There so which one is the fifth it is One-on-one consulting services or Coaching but it’s like you setting up an Order form people pay you three hundred Dollars five hundred dollars a thousand Dollars where you have a meeting with Them on assume could be virtual like This or in person if you want to do that But basically you charge a one-time fee You meet with them once you collect a Couple hundred dollars or a thousand Whatever it is and you meet with them

For an hour two hours three hours the Most common is One hour around 300 like that’s an easy Way to add more revenue streams to your Business it’s not super scalable but Also you don’t have to do that all the Time you just transition from there to Group coaching afterwards i don’t know If i mentioned too much or group Coaching versus one-on-one coaching and All that but i think you get the point Like whatever niche whatever industry That you’re in doesn’t really matter Because let’s take relationships for an Example salote got offered for an Example it could be something like Revive your relationships in seven days And people go through this and it gives Them the aha the epiphanies and it shows Them kind of what to do and how to Create better relationships in just Seven days ten minutes per day here’s a Spreadsheet here’s a journal here’s the Tasks here’s the homework and that’s it Mid ticket could be an online course Where you have different worksheets and You sort of you get to i don’t know what These relationship courses have but it Could be something like every sunday You’re going to go through this thing And ever you know once a month you’re Going to do budgeting and once a quarter You’re going to travel together and You’re going to do these things this is

How you communicate and it’s this entire Online course that teaches you how to Build your dream marriage that could be One thing and then your higher ticket Could be people who are very successful But don’t have a lot of time You have this mastermind which is 5k 10k 25k depending on your target audience And it’s just coaching to help answer Questions more hands-on it’s not this Learn how we do this use this Spreadsheet here it’s more like hey so What are you struggling with the most Right now okay well you know how does That make you feel and you coach them Through this you charge more because You’re having a bigger impact they have You know more access to you And you have this transformational Business relationship instead of just Transactional like a low ticket with That with clickfunnels 2.0 you add a Blog to it you have you add this Storefront with your lower ticket you Add your calendar where people can book A call with you these are the things That i want you to start preparing for Click funnels 2.0 and like i said if you Don’t have a business you can start Being an affiliate in fact i have a blog Here someone who made a review about Full-time funnel designer so this is a Core student he bought full-time funnel Designer in my course and uh he’s going

Through it here and talking about it and He’s recommending it to other people And you can see what’s included and then When people click here let’s see get 200 Off then it takes them to the sales page And he’s getting a commission so he has Already i’m not going to mention any Names but i’m sure you can see it there This person has already made thousands Of dollars recommending full-time funnel Designer and so that’s without him Creating a course i’m spending years and Literally hundreds of hours of recording Videos and planning out the roadmaps and Creating these frameworks and designing The workbooks and playbooks and editing Tutorials and designing funnel templates And doing funnel builds for my clients And then sharing that with core students And you don’t have to do any of that Because you just recommend it to other People if you love it once you’re in There and so i’m going to leave a link To that that’s probably one of the Fastest ways to start making money in This space is recommending a product That you love and so if you want to be An affiliate of a full-time photo Designer i’m gonna give you 319 Per sale and you don’t deliver on any of It so it’s just literally recommending It to other people and what you can do Is if you want to add some stuff to it Some bonuses with it you can say hey i’m

A student of this program by ghostland i Love it and just give your honest Feedback about it and then say hey if You get it through my link i’m also Going to give you this as well maybe It’s funnel templates or something that You’ve created or one-on-one access to You so if you’re a member and you want To give this to other people say hey if You buy through my link i’m going to Give you four weeks of access to me to Ask me any questions as well because i Know that ghosting is busy and you don’t Get one-on-one access to his inbox right Just in the facebook group and the Weekly q a calls and so this is what it Looks like when you sign up the link is In the description by the way and then You can see here your affiliate Dashboard we’re gonna be moving this Affiliate platform into click funnels 2.0 because they have a platform like That as well but uh right now you can Just go here products fulton funnel Designer and you get a link here okay so Then you’ll have promo materials and you Can see everything in here as well as Commission history so Hopefully this video was valuable i know It was kinda long but i wanted to help You prepare now because clickfunnels 2.0 Is coming out it’s amazing it truly is a Game changer within this community and So what better way to start creating

Products services and passive income Working from anywhere i’m just saying It’s one of the best things that’s Happened to my life and i want the same For you as well if you have any Questions on this you can drop them in The comments below and i’ll get back to You on those uh but with that said make Sure you first go To clickfunnels 2.0 waiting list to get The free course when it drops also see How you can get 37 funnel templates for Free with clickfunnels 2.0 this is not From clickfunnels this is not from their Team it’s from me stuff that i’m doing That i’m building as an independent and So That’s it for this video i’ll see you on The inside [Music]

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