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ClickFunnels Education I hope you’re having a great Day today We’re going to be talking about the my Assets portion of your settings in your Clickfunnels account you can access the My assets settings by going to the Settings tab on the left hand side of Your page Once you’ve clicked on the settings tab You’ll see a new pop-up window and you Can select my assets from this window You’ll now see the my assets Dashboard this includes By default the images in your account However you can also select the tabs for Videos downloads audios and fonts we’ll Discuss each of these in turn The image gallery is where you can Upload images that you’d like to use With your funnel with your page with Your course or as the Icon for your clickfunnels account You can select upload image to upload an Image from your computer As you can see you can drop and browse Files here either dragging and dropping Them from a folder or selecting browse Files to select them from inside your Computer You can create folders in which you’d Like to create these image files and a Name for the image it’s helpful if the

Name is descriptive as this can help you Define the file more quickly You may also wish to include an image Description as the image alt attribute Writing a brief description of this Image will help with accessibility for Visually impaired customers as well as Customers with slow internet and it will Improve your search engine optimization As relate relevant file descriptions can Also help people search for your site by The description of the image they may Have seen within it When you’re done you can click create Image to upload this image to your Clickfunnels account let’s move on Next in my assets you can select videos Uploading a video Allows you to use that video in a video Player element in your clickfunnels Account Clicking on the upload video will allow You to upload that video but we’ll get There in just a moment first let’s talk About the dashboard Unlike the image gallery which had Thumbnail images By default the video gallery lists the Name of the video Its height and width when it was added To your account and allows you to delete It You can also search by name under the Search video bar or sort by various

Characteristics such as name or when it Was added or filter based on filters You May wish to apply including ones for Named prefaces and types of files For now let’s click upload video You know in the upload video the options Are somewhat more straightforward than They were for the image just add a Relevant name to your Video file and this again should be Descriptive so that you will be able to Find it easily And then either drag and drop from a File folder or browse files to upload The video to your account In downloads you can upload any kind of File You would like your customers or Audience to be able to download from Your click funnels Page course or funnel As these can be image video audio font Or indeed PDF files The file type can be fairly flexible Choose a name for the file that you’re Choosing to upload Select click upload file to choose the File from your computer And if you’d like select a preview image That will appear when linking to the File Once you’ve made these decisions click Create file to continue Audio files can be embedded within

Courses or used with podcasts in your Click funnels account Again you can search among the various Page audio files that you’ve uploaded Once you’ve uploaded some of the audio Files click upload audio to upload an Audio file You can choose a name for your audio File and then drag and drop the file From a browser folder or click to browse Files to upload directly Finally Font type files can often be found in a Number of places on the internet to Increase the number of fonts available To you in your clickfunnels account Click upload font Use the name as something you will Remember in the editor later Often these fonts will already have a Name and if that is useful for you go Ahead and use that Choose a font file that must be in the Format of tff Otfw off or wofff2 and must be under one Megabyte in size then click create font To add this asset to your my assets Section of your account Using these tools you can upload assets That you’ll later be able to use in Customizing and creating your sites Funnels and courses If you have any questions about this Please don’t hesitate to reach out to

Our tech support team who are excellent Or check out other Academy documents or Videos for more information That’s all we have for now have a great Day.

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