My book went viral from an Instagram post

I just didn't write his first book even Thinking he was going to publish it I Think I'm just writing it for myself He's like we could actually use it with The companies it'll be like a manual That's exactly what it was yeah one day He woke up in the morning and if I'm Gonna publish it maybe I'd do it in like A few months I kept telling him I was like well it is Fantastic like it's going to blow up Like you don't need to do anything and Then one day you woke up and you were Like I put it on I put it on Instagram You know he made one post no marketing It just literally went viral off Word of Mouth how much time he puts into writing When he gets into writing mode where It's like weeks on weeks of like right I'm like hello are you hungry you go in Your closet just to turn off the light And it's because he genuinely loves Writing like books are special to me Because like I've learned a lot from you Know reading if you think about like When people die the only thing that has Like stayed for two thousand five Thousand years is like written word and So I think there's something magical About that and spend a lot of time Trying to make it really really good That was the goal for the book and you Know when I told Layla that I was like Why would I promote it because people

Aren't telling their friends that it's Good then why would I want anyone else To read

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