My dad apologized when I made $17M

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It wasn't until I think we did like 17 Million in ebitda like profit take home My dad called me and he's like are you Sitting down I remember like at this Point like we were like not talking too Much he was like I'm sorry and it was The first time he'd ever apologized to Me in my life what's interesting to me Though is that it didn't feel like Anything because I had stopped caring About what he thought about me a long Time ago when I quit my job was the day That like I accepted dying to my father Pretty much to me at that point was I Had really done everything that he had Wanted me I finished Vanderbilt in three Years president of fraternity had won Writing Awards I'd done everything it Wasn't enough and I knew that the choice For me was that I either had to die to Him or I had to die to myself wow when He called me and he apologized and this Is where I like you know I'm ashamed of Myself I could have just let it lie Instead I said I was like you know when People get up on stage like hey Mom and Dad I just want to say thanks so much For always believing me I was like I Won't say that oh my God what do you say To that he said well we'll see how long It lasts

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