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Alright we’re changing everything for 2022 here’s the 10 different things that I am thinking about as i’m doing this And as i’m planning out the new year in Hopes that it can also inspire you and Give you some tips that can use to apply To your life as you’re planning out this New year this week before the end of This year i’m going off grid so what I’ve done with my team we sat down and We planned out what do we want to do for The rest of this week we want to give You a bunch of different course videos From full-time funnel designers so You’ll see for the next couple of days You’ll see a couple of different course Videos i’m literally showing you like Some of the best stuff from the the Course obviously not everything because That’s for people inside of the program But that’s the second announcement if You’ve been thinking about joining Full-time funnel design and you want to Build funnels that look amazing kind of Like this or this or this or this what Is this for yourself or for other people And build a you know successful funnel Agency that’s what we teach inside a Full-time funnel designer and so with The changes coming in next year we’re Also going to have yearly memberships Where people pay every year to join but When you join before the end of this Year you get locked in for life at the

End of this video i’m also going to Explain how Joining before january 1st is actually The smartest decision you can do and Also if you’re already in there Why this is such a you know great news Update for you so before we do that if You want to join link is in the Description there’s a discount end of The year special where if you join Before january 1st you get rewarded for Taking action quickly so With that said how do i plan out my year Here’s uh 10 different things that i Think about and hopefully they can help You plan out your year as well and set Yourself up for success so first things First is the lifestyle like how do you Actually want your life to look where do You want to live who do you want to work With right like how many hours per day What’s your like hobbies or or your Private life like outside of business i Used to think that that’s not important And maybe it wasn’t at the time maybe i Just needed to figure this business Thing out and then i could optimize my Lifestyle that’s what i’m doing that’s Why i’m going off grid to plano 2022. One example of this in my experience is For example moving forward i want to Explore things outside of finland Obviously with the current events it’s a Little bit harder to travel but i’m i’m

Starting to feel the shift now and so Hopefully things are getting better But you want to ask yourself as well Like what do you want your day-to-day Life to look like just the simple habits So for me i want to Work out on a regular basis so like i Went for a run this morning this is my Third day not having any sugar so like Don’t wait for january 1st to set your New year resolutions like start now and Start creating these habits so that’s The first thing second thing is expenses I look at revenue versus expenses how Much do i want to make to first fund my Lifestyle and then we’ll get to like the Business stuff and the offers and Everything but those are the things that I start with and i’m like okay i need to Make you know 5k 10k 15k whatever it is For you and i reverse engineer from There like if i want to make this much To fund the lifestyle for me and my Family you know retire my wife which I’ve done for a while now Like these are the the things that i Want to cover okay this how much i want To make okay taxes you know all the blah Blah the stuff that goes into having a Business you know business and personal This is what i want to make okay then You can allocate towards team expenses Advertising if you’re using paid ads and These are things i think about as well

Like what are some things that i can do To lower the cost always like increase The the revenue lower the cost because That what it’ll do for you is uh Decrease the stress levels in your Business and i don’t know about you I just want like a minimalistic lean Business so like a peaceful business the Best way to to describe it like peaceful With high profits so Number three what problems do i solve so I look at the marketplace and i did this When i quit my job and went into Marketing that’s you know a couple of Years ago and the main thing that i saw Was business moving online and uh Needing social media services so for me Naturally i wanted to solve that problem Like social media marketing and then i Was like monetization is more important So like sales funnels and uh ever since Then i’ve been going ham on sales Funnels as you know especially now with Clickfunnels 2.0 like there’s so many Big opportunities i can’t even take on All the clients that are coming to me And i say that with like humbleness but It’s true like the Opportunities right now they’re insane And so that’s why i’m thinking about all These things like there’s so many things I could do which ones do i have the time To do and to do really well because i Don’t want to just be busy i want to be

Productive and actually change the Market number four so here’s the Problems that i solved what do i want my Personal brand to be like so i ask Myself okay what do i want my personal Like brand and values to be like what Are the topics that i talk about and Then from there what are the marketing Angles what are the content pieces that I put out around funnels to build that Trust credibility authority in this Space because remember personal brand is Just you being an important piece in a Specific ocean right like a specific Industry and so if you’re in funnels Like what do you have to do To build that credibility in the funnel Space and in the online marketing and Business space and then that’s the most Important thing because once you have That you can have any income streams and Revenue sources you want to add on top Of that but you got to build that trust Number five the value ladder or the Profit ladder the profit center Basically all these different income Streams and instead of being like this Here’s you in the middle is you and you Have like all different revenue streams Right what you want to take a look at is What’s my introduction offer and which One am i selling on the front end for me Funnel templates i’ve sold thousands of Funnel templates people come to me they

Buy it save time and money and then they Buy other products they hire me for Consulting done for you funnels courses Stuff like that so that’s the number Five the number six is prices so at the Different stages like what are the Prices okay 37 at the low end like right Now this is one of the announcements for Next year one of the products that i Will be releasing soon is a i’m thinking Either one dollar per month or seven Dollars per month where you can get Different Pre-made templates and stuff Delivered every single month that you Can also use as an passive income stream So you can actually promote my Recurring revenue membership Where you get paid 40 of it for just Mentioning it recommending it that’s Pretty pretty exciting when you start Thinking about the opportunities with me Building this community this channel and You could just simply share it and make Money not just once but every single Month so More about that in january but launch Dates so I just mentioned one okay so then i sit Down and i say What was a good date for me to launch This like you know another program our Coaching funnel agency lab which by the Way is also opening in january 3rd i

Believe so you can book a call with us To get three of us six figure funnel Agency owners as direct coaches And work with us for 90 days to get you To 10k per month in your funnel agency We’re planning out now Dates for everything so that’s one January third and then like i said Full-time funnel designer the special That i have right now is from now to January 1st and then the monthly Membership is in general like i have Dates for everything And you want to have dates for even if It’s 90 days from now so i’m sure There’s programs like there’s one for Example funnel conversion pro that i’m Thinking about in the future to be not Just for funnel agencies but for Creators who want to learn funnel Conversion right like design copywriting Offer creation and split testing mobile Optimization which they’re all in full Time the funnel designer so you can get That already today but from a I’ll talk about it here in a second but It’s basically building an empire of Products that are not so high ticket but Reaching mass market and that should be A separate video because that’s more About like how do you enter a market and Then how do you go from a very sp niche Specific to mass market As funnels become more mainstream i want

To be the number one in the space how do I help people who maybe haven’t heard About funnels but they heard about Conversions they heard about landing Pages or websites so things to to think About so number eight marketing content As soon as i know these things i start Thinking about the launch For product if it’s my funnel agency i Think about what content pieces i need To put out for 30 days To get clients not now Right if i get a client from one post Awesome But i’m thinking in in terms of like two Weeks 30 days 90 days of being Consistent that’s why you see the Youtube channel has been very consistent Even if the the subscribers Are super low compared to other like Youtubers who have been doing this for 10 years like i believe in consistency Compounding number nine is the weekly Routine and um as i’m now going off grid And we’re about to close up this video The one thing that i’ll come back with After planning all of this the entire Year when i come home from my trip Is gonna be the weekly calendar Right like the actual routines the Habits they’re not so Sexy topic it’s like okay you have a Planner but like no the on the planner Only matters because i know what

Products what price point what launch Dates what marketing angles what emails What videos what written polls like i Know everything now and i know the back End of it i know my team the roles the Payout the commissions the affiliate Program i know everything so now the Only thing left is the weekly calendar You see how i start with optimizing my Internal right first like no sugar Exercising great sleep And then also like going off grid to Actually have time to think And then we go into business and most People do it the other way in fact in Fact most people neglect their health Altogether so last week number two and Then to my final point which is another Big announcement is 2022 is the year of Click funnels 2.0 it really is and so There’s you know multiple ways you can Monetize this if you’re just getting Started the best way is is not to teach Funnels like if you have no experience Don’t teach funnels i’ve built almost 400 funnels so like start building Funnels for other people first and then A year from now you can launch a funnel Course you can launch a design course You can launch copywriting course you Can launch funnel templates you can sell Canva templates you can sell funnel Roadmaps funnel frameworks funnel Workbooks funnel like whatever it is

That you can help people with Do that afterwards right now your job is To become the best person you can be At building funnels that actually Convert and look amazing and solve Problems in that space whatever it is That people need if it’s a course Creator build course funnels if it’s an Author build book funnels if it’s a Speaker build speaking engagement event Funnels like just look at the market What they need and they need a lot of Funnels so just start building funnels For them what i’m doing is i’m gonna Limit the amount that i have just Because i have so many like i have Courses coaching programs consulting Gigs i have done for you funnel projects I have so many different things like the Youtube channel i want to grow this to Like 10 000 subscribers in 2022. so like If i am to actually succeed with that i Gotta limit the done for you stuff and So right now one of my clients is Clickfunnels i love working with Clickfunnels we’re working on Clickfunnels 2.0 and a lot of the secret Stuff that i can’t share with you that You’ll see very soon So you’ll see how i built something once Tons of people can use it which i love i Love the fact that i’m able to do that And so with 2022 coming just around the Corner i want to have an empire of lower

Ticket products as well so right now the Only way to get my funnel templates is Through the funnel bundle and what i Want to do is have multiple like if you Just want to learn copywriting here’s How to do that and you can finish this Course in one day want to learn funnel Design learn over the weekend this Course will teach you everything about Funnel design and conversion over the Weekend and so i’ll have these mini Mini Products right again going mass market Trying to capture the entire funnel Space on youtube And facebook and the clickfunnels Community and other page builders and Teaching like timeless strategies and Principles for conversions And then having people from there Not in a high pressure way like upsell Them but just be like hey if you want to Learn everything or build a funnel Business like funnel agency for example This is the flagship program full-time Funnel designer where you can do that or If you want our coaching here’s the lab Here’s the mastermind and so on and so Forth so with that said hopefully that Was helpful that is um some of my plans Who knows maybe i come back from the off Grid trip and i’m like hey I want to Do this instead and add this one here

And then we’re gonna Launch this at this day who knows but um That’s what i’m pretty confident that’s The things that up you know they’re set In stone and then uh i’ll just i think Change or optimize things in terms of Free content from there because i have a Lot of ideas there uh there as well so With that said hope you had a great Christmas i wish you a great and happy Blessed new year I hope that you have a lot of new Success health new relationships and Things going your way in the next year If this one hasn’t been the best one for Multiple reasons i hope that the next One will be i believe it will i believe That every time we go through something That’s hard we become stronger every Time we go through stuff that we don’t Understand it usually clears up later Why this had to happen and it made us a Better person so we can now handle new Things and better things i i keep coming Back to why i do this why build this Youtube channel and it’s always to help People not just build funnels but to Build a lifestyle and a business that You love to create your own reality That’s what i believe in so with that Said if you want to get into full-time Final designer and make your 2022 the Best you get link is in the description Before january 1st

And i will see you inside peace.

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