My Favorite Framework for a Business

My favorite framework for starting a Business is the ponds Lakes Ocean Strategy and so what that means is Rather than trying to go after the ocean And try and sell to every single person You want to focus on the smallest Pond You possibly can of this little Pond I Will be king and once you get really Good at that pond you're like you know What these fish are a lot like the lake That's down the street now there's Better more skilled fishermen that are In that pond and the fish that you're Fishing for there are more varied Because it's bigger but you're like you Know what there's a couple other fish There that I think I could take on and You might be able to expand to it and Then finally once you've conquered the Lakes at some point you're like I am King of the lake and you can expand to The ocean but the key is that you have To start small at the pond to learn how To fish to begin with you have to learn How to bait the hook you have to learn How to attract one single type of fish Learn how the fishing game works in General and then you keep leveling up And business works the same way

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